Modeling and simulation tools have been an integral part of engineering world for a long time. Various Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools have been extensively used in various industries and research to evaluate the performance of electronic systems. The advancement of such design tools also has influenced the optical communication sector such that there has been a continuous progress on the Photonic Design Automation (PDA) tools. Currently, many software for simulating optical communications are available. However, they are very expensive and conceal the information on how components are modeled. To avoid these constraints, we developed our own PDA software for optical communication. This thesis delves into the development of Graphical User Interface (GUI) of our software. The studied GUI software conforms to the feature of standard simulation software and assists the users to perform a system-level simulation of fiber optic communication. The developed GUI allows the users to design their layout, run the simulation and view the results in the form of data or plot. The GUI is explained with respect to the graphical layout and the interactive features of the components. The detailed structure is described along with the Java library used to build them. The interactive aspects of GUI are investigated, for adding the hierarchical feature to our GUI software. In addition, a plotting tool is created for the GUI. The thesis provides comprehensive information on working principle of GUI for simulation software and describes the addition of plotting tool and hierarchical design in detail.


Qun Zhang

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Puteri Megat Hamari

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Master of Science (MS)


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