I started gaining and interest in sculpture after seeing and learning about Frank Lloyd Wright and his use of natural materials integrated into planar and linear forms. I appreciate how he creates buildings such as Fallingwater, a home built for a family, where the structure is part of nature rather than intruding in on it.

The underlying feature between all of my work is the relationship between different forms that are integrated together. My sculptures include different media, such as wood, stone, metal, and found objects. My latest projects, however, include creating maquettes, which are miniaturized versions of larger objects. I like working with a structure and its surrounding areas that can be miniaturized. Many of my sculptures are inspired by my love of science fiction and reflect both the surrounding natural world and a fantasy outer space world. In many of them, I have combined my skills for creating scaled dioramas, miniature scenes, into larger structures using stone, clay, tar, and wood.


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