Sexually explicit materials (SEM) are an ever-growing presence in our society. The ramifications of these types of images and videos have been studied in depth, and the field is still researching whether these materials have harmful effects to individuals who view them or not. Regardless of these findings, sexually explicit videos are used in educational and therapeutic settings with an educational intent behind the usage. While these materials are being used there is little, to no, data on the attitudes that the clients or participants viewing these videos hold. This study will examine the attitudes that collegiate males hold towards the use of these audiovisual materials in a classroom setting. The attitudes being assessed will focus on self-views and also views that they believe another classmate (male and female) would hold towards the materials. Results show that males hold neutral attitudes towards the usage of such material in classroom settings and believe that these videos are degrading and offensive. Implications of the findings and future avenues for research are discussed.


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