There is a lack of literature on the transgender community and individuals with atypical sexual interest which can lead to multiple aspects of stigma based on an individual's gender identity and sexual preferences. The current study used archival data that was collected by researchers at the University of Minnesota in the Program of Human sexuality in 2011. Data was collected using an online survey which sought to survey online communities of individuals who identify as Adult Baby Diaper Lovers (ABDL). In this study, 83 transgender and gender variant individuals were analyzed with five main research questions. We were interested in how the sample was identifying their gender, their frequency and duration of ABDL practices, how their ABDL behaviors functioned within romantic relationships, if negative mood states were associated with ABDL behavior, and the participant's opinions of their ABDL behaviors. Results did not indicate significance on the specific research questions. However, most importantly, this study aimed to increase the literature on under-researched populations to decrease the stigma surrounding expressions of gender identity and atypical sexual preferences. Further implications of this study are discussed.


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