There is a long history of Oneota studies in the Red Wing, Minnesota, region, but most have been closely intertwined with the Silvernale phase, either because of site location or actual cultural linking. This has created a literature rife with speculation about the relationship between Silvernale and Oneota. While there are some Oneota sites known to exist near sites with Silvernale phase materials, there are many others away from Silvernale sites that have not yet received detailed analysis. The McClelland site (21GD258) is one of many single component Oneota sites in tributary valleys outside the Mississippi trench. The McClelland assemblage can be used to help construct the framework for a better understanding of the Oneota tradition within the Red Wing region separate from the Silvernale phase. This analysis will help develop a more comprehensive understanding of the unique characteristics of Oneota tradition in the Red Wing Region.


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