Research associated with resident-to-resident bullying in senior living facilities (i.e., senior bullying), has been growing in recent years due to anecdotal stories in the popular press. Few studies, however, have assessed resident-to-resident bullying from the perspective of residents. Therefore, the purpose of the current study was to better understand the phenomenon of senior bullying as observed by residents in senior living facilities. Nineteen individuals residing in senior living facilities were interviewed about their observations and opinions related to senior bullying at their facility. Results indicated that 52.9% of residents had observed senior bullying at least once. Verbal and social bullying were equally observed by participants, with the majority of bullying being observed in common areas. Perpetrators and victims were reported to be mostly female. Approximately half of participants who endorsed resident-to-resident bullying stated they had observed staff and residents intervene during instances of bullying. Only 10.5% of the sample felt that bullying was a problem at their facility, and that staff does not take the necessary steps to prevent bullying. Although previous research suggests senior living facilities typically have a bullying policy, implications for the current study suggest that policies could be improved by incorporating resident awareness and education.


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