Wind power systems are the most commonly used systems for a renewable energy source over the past few decades. Most of the current wind turbines are large scale wind turbines which produce mega watts power. This thesis is prepared to develop a small scale wind turbine with axial flux permanent magnet synchronous generator for regional areas and small commercial industries. This thesis mainly focuses on the Axial Flux PMSG which is a small scale prototype with the characteristics of the large scale wind turbine generator and having a super capacitor embedded in it. The first objective is to create the dynamic wind gust model. The second objective is to study the background of the large scale wind turbine synchronous generator characteristics and to derive the equations to model the AFPMSG. The next objective is to implement the super capacitor model with a controller. The other main objective of this thesis is to design a Virtual Synchronous Generator to emulate the inertia and damping same as the conventional synchronous generator to maintain output power and the frequency stable when there is a change in the load. The model will be tested using the MATLAB-Simulink environment and the results will be discussed.


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