A 3D printed prosthetic hand is an open source technology that became a good substitution for many products in the market. For many reasons, Low-cost, easy made / easy build. As an open source product, 3D printed prosthetic designs are available to anyone around the world, a good option for young children because they need to have a new prosthetic more frequent until they reach the adulthood age. Most families cannot pay a thousand dollars technology. From the research, it found that that there are not enough studies cover the open source wrist body-powered prosthetic. Other studies covered products used by adults which more physical ability than young children. Other studies covered a body-powered prosthetic that needs fewer efforts to run the wrist-powered prosthetic. To develop or design a product it is essential to have the correct, valid information and data to develop the product. A quantitative data provides a realistic assessment for the prosthetic efficiency. The study aims to design the electrical circuit for a group of sensors that will be used to collect the pressure force to compare it with the applied force. The author success to detect signal form four sensors circuit. The author also provides a design for sliding motor plate to maintain the torque from the stepper motor to mechanical part of the robotic wrist.


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