The purpose of this research was to assess if there are similarities and / or in how sex offender notification meetings are conducted by two different agencies who are not legally bound to assist in these meetings, but provide assistance, upon the release of sex offenders from custody. The agencies are the Minnesota Department of Corrections who release sex offender after their completion of custody sentences and the Minnesota Sex Offender Program who release sex offenders upon completion of treatment. Interviews were conducted with professional staff from the both agencies. Analyses of the findings of these interviews, along with an investigation of the mission statements of both agencies, find that the two state departments share some similarities but have distinct differences in the overall process of conducting a community notification meeting. Institutional Theory was used to interpret these findings and concluded that maintaining control over the process is more important for one agency than the other, with the intent to protect their public image. Also, while both agencies stated the intent of promoting public safety, one agency was far more involved in this process than the other. Upon conclusions of this study, policy recommendations will be made to help the State of Minnesota meet its legal mandate and enhance community safety.


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