Most high schoolers in America operate with basic writing skills at best (U.S. Department of Education, 2012). Students who are educated at home, or homeschoolers, may be only marginally better in their writing skills, if at all. A review of materials available to home educators for the instruction of their homeschool students revealed that available writing curricula does not do a good job covering more than a few basic writing forms, such as research and narrative. This creative project aimed to create writing instruction materials that could be used by home educators to teach their high school students how to write well. In order to create versatile materials that educators can personalize and individualize for their students; genre pedagogy approaches were used. Genre pedagogy considers all texts based on the situation in which they were written, including the purpose of the piece, the audience it was written for, and the context it was written in. Teaching students to be mindful of a text’s genre and situation prepares them to analyze and write in any genre form. As such, the materials created for this creative project informs educators on the basic principles of genre pedagogy, provides a step-by-step process for creating a writing unit based on genre pedagogies, and offers three writing units that familiarize students with the writing situation as well as the process of analyzing a text’s genre. The resulting materials are flexible and will aid home educators in their instruction of writing. Finally, conclusions were drawn about the need for more robust writing curricula, particularly for home educators and recommendations were made for further research where the literature review showed a distinct lack of materials.


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