We used a digital email-based survey to collect information on WWP in government agencies in Minnesota. In terms of associations between incentive-use and success rates, results were inconclusive. Due to limitations in responses on the survey we are unable to draw a correlation between incentive-use and cost savings outcomes for agencies surveyed. Survey results did provide other information that can be useful by health educators to improve and grow WWP. Results showed that compared to national rates, government agencies in Minnesota may not be utilizing additional funding resources for WWP. Future research on the use of grant and insurance company funding programs for WWP could be beneficial. Information regarding barriers to program success and reasons agencies in Minnesota do not have programs was uncovered in survey results. Some of these barriers include laws and policies at the state level that may inhibit incentive-use in programs. This information can be used to improve current programming as well as a resource for starting new programs. Strengths in the research can be found in the information surrounding evaluation tactics used by agencies in Minnesota currently to determine program use and success. Also, Disease Management programs were reported to be utilized the least across government agencies in Minnesota. Information regarding types of programs offered at each level of government can be beneficial to agencies looking to start or expand a WWP. In conclusion, while results may not have provided conclusive results to confidently associate incentive-use with WWP success and cost savings outcomes, a great deal of information was uncovered that can help Minnesota agencies with WWP. This research creates many future opportunities to look further into variables that can have an impact on success in WWP as well as factors that contribute to cost savings outcomes for agencies offering WWP. The results of this research show the many opportunities to expand on the topic as to continue growth and potential success in WWP.


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