Telehealth is changing the current paradigm of healthcare. As an emerging mode of healthcare delivery, telehealth stands to help alleviate the shortage of primary care and specialty care providers especially patients in rural areas. In addition to increasing access of healthcare, this service allows for flexibility, convenience and has the potential to decrease healthcare costs while improving patient outcomes. The objective of this literature review was to examine patient satisfaction with telehealth compared to in-office visits. A systematic search was conducted and a total of 17 articles that met inclusion criteria were examined. Data and factors evolving around patient satisfaction with telehealth were extracted and descriptively synthesized from the inclusion articles. Multiple factors were identified that impacted patient satisfaction with telehealth including travel time/convenience, access to healthcare, cost savings, clinical outcomes, provider relationship, and inhibiting influences of telehealth. The overall findings are in consensus that patients are equally, if not more, satisfied with telehealth when compared to inoffice visits. Despite this, there is a paucity of high-quality research related to this topic. Telehealth is a growing role for advanced practice registered nurses, therefore adding to the importance of prioritizing the understanding of the identified themes within this literature review and how they impact patient satisfaction with telehealth.


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