This research looks at different factors influencing international students’ level of intercultural communication apprehension (ICA), the difference in the level of international students’ (participants) ICA experienced towards domestic and international students, and lastly the influence of this ICA on the social connectedness participants experience while living in the United States. Findings show that participants’ comfort in using English, and their cultural sensitivity had a significant influence on ICA when all variables were considered. Findings also show that participants are more apprehensive in communicating with American students as compared to international students. The combination of ICA towards American and international students results in the highest variance in social connectedness participants experience. This research implies that ICA is not accurately represented through solely one ICA score, and needs to be measured with more nuance to accurately represent apprehension people face in communication with culturally different people. In addition, more cultural and language training needs to be provided pre-departure and throughout the duration of their studies to provide international students more exposure to situations they might face in the United States.


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