In the applications related to liquid-solid interface, their operation could be affected by the properties of the interface especially the applications that have infinitesimal interaction force at the interface surface and high interaction velocity. This study provides real time dynamic force measurement in separation process along with the real time image acquisition to explain the deviation between theoretical and experimental methods. The experimental design, setup and initial conditions for experiment are described in detail for further study related to liquid separating force. The simulation model is created to apply the theoretical model in prediction of meniscus force for different initial conditions. The characteristics of solid liquid interface in static and dynamic state are showed in the study with visual demonstration, and how they can affect the experimental results is presented. The experiments showed that, in the static state, the evaporation will change the geometric parameters such as the contact angle, the vertical radius or the horizontal radius of liquid bridge, and the change of geometric parameters lead to the change of meniscus force. The analytical or models also showed that the change of maximum separation force caused by volume mass deviation and minimum distance deviation is more significant than that caused by contact angle deviation for the liquid with receding contact angle under 40 degree. The deviation of maximum separation force was not observed in the experiments with different roughness. In the experiments of different liquid with the same volume, the maximum separation force reduces with the reduction of surface tension if the receding contact angle is similar. The experiment can be conducted with the same liquid on different surface coating (non-wetting coating, nano-textured surfaces) to investigate the effect of hydrophobic contact to meniscus force.


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