Developing word consciousness in young readers can help motivate them to learn new words, make personal connections to words, and in turn, use words more skillfully. Word consciousness can also enable students to grow their vocabulary knowledge and improve their comprehension skills in order to become better readers. It is essential for the teacher to present words in a way that will get students excited about words and promote word consciousness. Additionally, students need to be immersed in an environment that is filled with words. Further, the words should be presented through rich, teacher-led strategies that engage students in communicating and listening. Strategies and approaches to help students develop an awareness, interest, and love for words are described.




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Brenda Carr is an elementary teacher at Noble Academy in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. She has taught there for the last six years. Prior, she did long term subbing in the Twin Cities. She got her start in teaching in North Dakota, where she worked for five years in the charming town of Newburg. In her 17 years of teaching, she has taught a variety of elementary grade levels, but mainly the primary grades. Brenda lives in Delano, Minnesota with her husband, Chad. Together they love to travel to new places, summit mountains, and watch NFL games on television. Brenda enjoys baking, cooking, jigsaw puzzles, biking, writing, and is an avid reader because she is a logophile. Brenda gained a lot of new knowledge from her coursework at Minnesota State University, Mankato. She would like to thank her professors for their guidance. She would also like to thank her family, especially her husband. She hopes you too will become a logophile.

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