Entrepreneurs and Champions on the Frontiers of Engineering Education

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This panel session will include stories of specific engineering education innovations from around the world from the Difference Makers themselves, followed by an interactive discussion between panel members and attendees. The interactive forum is intended to create dialogue between those interested in effecting significant change at their own institutions and those who have led similar innovations. The panel will bring together change makers from programs that already have created significantly different, innovative programs and those who may wish to do so, with the aim of highlighting salient themes and results expected to be of interest to future Difference Makers. The panel will be interdisciplinary and global. The discussion of challenges, benefits, and strategies will appeal to a broad audience of computing and engineering faculty, deans, practitioners, and students. This is the first of two related panels:Panel 1: Champion and Entrepreneur Panel 2: Transition, Handoff and Sustainability.


Integrated Engineering

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202 IEEE Frontiers in Education (FIE) Conference