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This guide will help facilitators of the Textbook Affordability Open Course organize and implement the content in their own learning environment. The designers of the course have included items that need to be updated and personalized for each implementation of the course as well as helpful tips for successful implementation.

This course is an introduction to textbook affordability, open educational resources, and other open practices that impact equity in our classrooms. While it is geared towards higher education faculty, the concepts and practices covered here can be used in any teaching and learning scenario. This course will explore concepts tied to the one cost factor teachers can control - course materials - and relate that directly to increasing equitable practice in the classroom. By the end of the course, you will have explored your own library for options for course materials, searched for open educational resources in your content area, discovered other open practices that may be useful to your own teaching, and defined how equity and course material cost are related.


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