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The purpose of this study was to investigate the understanding and experiences that MSU-Mankato faculty have had with developing the recently mandated diversity, equity, and inclusion outcomes for new and revised program proposals. These outcomes are part of the Equity 2030 initiative. The research is broken up into two sections, which will be published as separate papers. Project 1: Using critical discourse analysis, we problematize and critique both the stated goals and the implementation of this initiative. Using the lens of critical race theory (CRT), we work to unmask language that maintains Whiteness as a neutral default by asking these research questions: Will the language of DEI in institutional communication as used by administrators and faculty challenge or maintain systemic bias? Will the language of subsequent DEI proposals challenge or maintain Whiteness as uncritiqued norm? Project 2: Of particular interest for this study were the participants' experiences writing these outcomes, their understanding of what these outcomes entail, how they planned to integrate this content into their courses and assess these outcomes, and what professional development they would like to see to help them integrate and assess these program outcomes in the future. We evaluated faculty member’s current ability to write, teach, and assess DEI outcomes using mixed methods research (survey and interviews). We used text analysis tools to compare faculty definitions of equity, diversity, and inclusion to the definitions provided by the Association of American Colleges & Universities as well as to Manning Marbles’ articulations of the terms corporate multiculturalism, liberal multiculturalism, and radical democratic multiculturalism. We also discussed what types of professional development faculty would be willing to invest in as well as what areas of professional development are most effective in promoting EDI outcomes, based on extant research.


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