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The purpose of this presentation is to introduce a journal collection analysis metric we developed at Minnesota State University, Mankato (MNSU). At MNSU, my colleagues have been developing our Collections Power BI (CPBI) to utilize interactive data visualization in Microsoft Power BI to demonstrate the library’s value to the campus community. The CBPI has been used for a variety of purposes, including collection development and evaluation. Recently, as the library liaison to the engineering departments, I was drawn into a project to determine if any journal title swaps could be made with our Elsevier subscription. As we worked on this project, I introduced the Usage Trend Ratio as a means to help us make collection development decisions. My colleagues have mentioned the Usage Trend Ratio at a recent conference and in an upcoming article as the Southworth Ratio. The Southworth Ratio helped us to clearly identify which journals were trending toward more or less use. While the Southworth Ratio was not the sole factor for decision making, it was often decisive and saved us time because the Southworth Ratio is a sortable value. We have continued to utilize the Southworth Ratio, which can be calculated in a variety of ways, and to find new applications for this variable. Most recently, we implemented it in our CPBI, where we can also filter journal reports on subject, and we can clearly see journal usage trends in our programs. This presentation will present the concept of this Southworth Ratio, how we calculate it, and how we have utilized it.


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