About This Journal

The National Forensic Journal is the scholarly journal of the National Forensic Association. The journal has published research in intercollegiate speech and debate since 1983.

We thank Dr. Dan Cronn-Mills from Minnesota State University, Mankato for his graciousness in loaning journals to complete the project. While we work to migrate past issues to our new platform, they remain available at the old journal website. All files are PDF files made as accessible as possible. All files use the same pagination as the original sources. While the pages may not look exactly the same as the original, be assured that pages end where they did in the original so that quotations using page numbers will be correct. Some—but not all—typos are left in from the originals.

For doing keyword and other searches on the National Forensic Journal and other journals, the webmaster recommends Dr. Dan Cronn-Mills’ database of forensic research.

Important note: While the National Forensic Association is making these articles freely available, the National Forensic Association retains copyright. The articles are made available for personal and scholarly use. Reselling these articles or reposting them on another website are strictly prohibited, and will be considered copyright infringement.