Name and Affiliation

Katherine L. Hatfield-Edstrom


This project offers a contemporary exemplar that students and coaches in competitive speech, specifically in the events of rhetorical criticism or communication analysis can use to help reframe traditional notions or methods of how to write a speech for competition. I contend that the event in competition has become too “cookie-cutter” and devoid of innovation or “thinking outside the box,” which can limit the educational experience for our students. Thus, this project begins as a full critical analysis employing the theoretical framework of public memory and follows with a discussion of how a student in competitive speech could approach the event with a broader and more open notion of how to conduct an analysis. Finally, I offer suggestions to coaches and teachers in the event or the classroom for rhetorical criticism about how to guide students towards a more scholarly understanding of critical investigation and provide an exemplar that begins to re-frame the writing process of rhetorical criticism.



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