Our agenda is to offer a conceptual/theoretical understanding of the post-structural approach to literature interpretation/performance. We make a practice of the theory in the construction of the paper—we allow the text to speak for itself. We provide a juxtaposition numerous authors. We focus on the text rather than the author. We offer the following reading instructions: Please read the text as a whole and skimming the referential notations. The citations are provided for readers who wish to further the topic. We realize we depart from the traditional academic writing form. The common occurrence of the style in competition underscores the merit to our use. We have interspliced text from numerous sources dealing with post-structuralist thought in the same manner used by intercollegiate competitors in Program Oral Interpretation. Our approach illustrates the form and simultaneously explains the justification behind the approach.

Author Biography

Previous versions of this paper were presented at the 1991 Central States Communication Association, Chicago, IL and 2009 convention of the National Communication Association, Chicago, IL



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