Family Change and Sickle Cell Anemia

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Publication Date

Spring 2022


School of Nursing


Our presented construct is family change. Family change relates to the dynamic changes in a family unit as a direct result of an illness within the family. Such changes are varied but can include a change in role, physical location, routines, and schedules. The purpose of this presentation is to examine family change with respect to a family with sickle cell anemia. This id done through various methods and examining a film depicting a family living with sickle cell anemia. From viewing the film, a genogram was constructed to depict the relevant medical history. To further depict family change, a concept map illustrates the family change construct, basic information about sickle cell anemia, and how the two are interrelated. Furthermore, this presentation includes recommendations for future nursing practice, as well as a list of related questions not addressed in this presentation that could warrant further research.