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The initial impetus for the formation of the task group came from Jay Weitz's request for input from both our groups as he was working on the OCLC-MARC update 2017, particularly in reference to the 23 additions to the Genre/Form Code and Term Source Codes list ( This request led to the realization that best practices of both groups varied in regard to MARC 344 and 347. It seemed like a good idea to have both groups discuss these same issues together. The group considered 3 issues:

  1. Inconsistent treatment of RDA and non-RDA terms in MARC 344 and 347
  2. Consideration of consistent treatment of MARC 344 and 347 across formats
  3. Implementation of the new $2 source codes

The deliverables include recommendations for each of the three issues and identification of next steps for activities involving the various best practices.

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