Surveying Professionals' Views of Positive Behavior Support and Behavior Analysis

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Positive behavior support (PBS) is an empirically driven approach to improve quality of life influenced by the science of behavior analysis. Recent discussions have evolved around PBS, behavior analysis, and their relationship within education and human services fields. To date, few data have been offered to guide behaviorally oriented professionals with respect to PBS and behavior analysis as complementary approaches. In this article, the authors surveyed 847 behavioral professionals about their views of PBS and behavior analysis. Results indicate small but consistent differences between those who affiliate exclusively with either PBS or behavior analysis in regards to their ratings of the importance of service delivery methods, values, and research methods. Although statistically significant differences emerged, both groups provided generally favorable ratings for core components of PBS and behavior analysis. Historical analysis of differences and similarities are discussed, as are considerations for future relations between the two groups.

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Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions