Book Review - John W. Budd. (2011). The Thought of Work. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press. 264 pages.

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Book Review

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While work is something central to almost everyone, we probably give little thought to the various philosophical perspectives and theoretical concepts underpinning the notion. In asking my friends and colleagues what work means to them, I heard answers such as “it’s what I do so I can have fun and buy toys” and “I feel personally connected to my career and do this because I love it.” Those I talked to about the topic never quite addressed the numerous perspectives of work presented in the recent book by author and labor relations scholar John Budd, although their comments were related to many of his topics. In The Thought of Work, Budd outlines different conceptualizations and historical perspectives of work covering the many academic disciplines that address the concepts and applications of work.



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Human Resource Management