Addressing Mathematics Computation Problems: A Review of Simple and Moderate Intensity Interventions

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In order for school professionals to make informed decisions about appropriate interventions, it is imperative that they are informed as to what is available to aid students. The purpose of the present literature review was to examine specific interventions that could be employed with students identified as needing additional support in mathematics. The focus was on computation interventions (e.g., simple or moderate intensity) that could be implemented within the structure of the classroom utilizing the resources available and skills of school professionals. Thirty-seven studies were identified that met inclusion criteria. Results of this review indicate that there are numerous interventions with documented effectiveness at these levels of intensity for students needing additional mathematics support. These interventions were shown to be effective, with most studies demonstrating moderate to large effect sizes. In addition, interventions could be implemented with relatively little time, resources, and training. Implications for future research and practice are discussed.

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Education and Treatment of Children