What Do Daily Behavior Report Cards (DBRCs) Measure? An Initial Comparison of DRBCs with Direct Observation for Off-Task Behavior

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This study investigated the similarity of information provided from a daily behavior report card (DBRC) as rated by the teacher to direct observation data obtained from external observers. In addition, the similarity of ratings was compared with variations of problem severity (mild, severe) and teacher training (none, some). Results suggested a moderate association between teacher perceptions of behavior as measured by DBRC ratings and direct observation conducted by an external observer. In addition, 23–45% of the variance in DBRC ratings was consistent with the direct observation data. Severity of the behavior problem or the inclusion of training was not found to significantly affect the similarity of ratings. In summary, results tentatively suggest that the DBRC may be a viable supplement to direct observation for estimating behavior in applied settings. Limitations, future research directions, and implications are discussed.

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Psychology in the Schools