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The objective of this study was to contribute to the existing literature on international selection practices, specifically looking at selection of indigenous students in the Amazon region of Ecuador for admission into an eco-tourism focused high school. Selection criteria used in the study were based on current best practices in international selection. This study looked at the predictors of dependability, resilience, stability, sales-drive and student connectedness as they related to the success of the current student population at the school. Sixty-three current students at the Yachana Technical High School completed a traits based survey measuring dependability, resilience, stability, sales drive and student connectedness. Student success at the school was measured by student surveys relating to student academic performance and student sociability at the school that were filled out by three current teachers at the school. Student grades for the first term of the 2010-2011 school year were also analyzed. Results indicated that sales drive and resilience were related to teacher evaluation of students at the school.



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Education Research Journal

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