Assessment of Estimated Versus Actual Caloric Expenditure

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Fall 2012


Obesity in our nation has reached epidemic levels. Contributing to the problem is people‘s inaccuracies when accounting for caloric expenditure. For the purpose of this article, the researchers used the planning fallacy to explain why people may misestimate caloric expenditure. Nine men and women ages 17-34 participated in this study. Actual caloric expenditure was assessed through the use of the bodybugg™ armband apparatus. It was hypothesized that individuals would underestimate calories burned in an entire day, while overestimating caloric expenditure during exercise. Results indicated that individuals underestimated caloric expenditure both throughout the entire day and during exercise. With the proper tools and education, including an accurate perception of caloric expenditure and the ability to engage in a weight loss and/or healthy living program, healthy and maintainable results are possible.



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Athletic Insight

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