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Pushing a River: Supporting and Sustaining Faculty Innovation
James A. (Jim) Grabowska, Kimberly E. Contag, and Jane Miller


Language Learning in the K-12 Classroom
James A. (Jim) Grabowska


Unraveling Myths of Don Quixote
James A. (Jim) Grabowska


Mankato Public Schools: Cross-Institutional Partnerships for Effective Teacher Preparation
Kathleen Foord, Laura Bemel, Jeffrey Pribyl, C. Burns, G. Berry, Richard Auger, Marsha Traynor, Ginger Zierdt, J. Meyer-Mork, and James A. (Jim) Grabowska


The Internment of German-Ecuadorians During World War II
Kimberly E. Contag and James A. (Jim) Grabowska


Iberian Studies
James A. (Jim) Grabowska

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