Crow's Gambit: A Near Future Techno Thriller

Crow's Gambit: A Near Future Techno Thriller


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On Net-Day the alien Sylph surrounded the Earth and destroyed everything in orbit or in the air. Grounding the human race. The world had to adapt and reinvent itself in a new reality that didn’t allow for the planes and satellites people had come to take for granted.

In this world Cassie is one of a new breed of barnstormers. Drone pilots that fly low and fast in violation of human law and alien weapons. Trying to bridge the past and future, she searches for a place in this new world.

When an eccentric billionaire approaches Cassie to help him reclaim human’s place in the heavens she is pulled into a world of political intrigue and cutting edge technology. All of it constrained by an indifferent alien species. Using her engineering skills and innate piloting ability they could be on the verge of finally breaking free again.

However, powerful forces on Earth don’t want a change in the new status quo. And then there’s the Sylph. If humans return to not only the skies but space…how will they react? Crow’s Gambit is the first book in the Sylphan Revelations trilogy that tells this story.



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Independently published


science fiction, space, extraterrestrial beings, human-alien encounters, women air pilots



Crow's Gambit: A Near Future Techno Thriller