The work in Vestige alludes to aging and the physical deterioration of the human body through time. My interests in early radiography and X-ray technology, paired with a recent exploration of spirit photography, have become the conceptual basis for this body of work. The relationship between medical imaging and spirit photography deals with technological efforts to document the elusive and less tangible. In this work, the artistic process has become a metaphor for existence and ephemera. Utilizing monotype printmaking with spray paint, I create marks that are traces. This quality becomes a metaphor for the transient, similar to watching a person take their last breath before death. By layering nearly translucent layers of paint, an unnatural source of light emerges, similar to medical imaging.


Brian Frink

First Committee Member

Erik Waterkotte

Second Committee Member

Leah Rogne

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Master of Arts (MA)




Arts and Humanities

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Exhibition Brochure

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Exhibition Photograph 1

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Exhibition Photograph 2

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Exhibition Photograph 3

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Exhibition Photograph 4

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Exhibition Photograph 5

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Exhibition Photograph 6

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Exhibition Photograph 7

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Exhibition Photograph 8

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Exhibition Photograph 9

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Exhibition Photograph 10

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Exhibition Photograph 11

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Exhibition Photograph 12

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Exhibition Photograph 13

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Exhibition Photograph 14

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