This collection contains scholarly articles, reports and other publications authored by faculty members in the Department of English at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

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Submissions from 2019


Trust-Building in a Patient Forum: The Interplay of Professional and Personal Expertise, Abigail Bakke

Submissions from 2018


Credibility Strategies of Popular Health Websites: A Rhetorical Analysis of Parkinson's Information Pages, Abigail Bakke

Submissions from 2017


Ethos in E-Health: From Informational to Interactive Websites, Abigail Bakke

Submissions from 2016


Toward Audience Involvement: Extending Audiences of Written Physician Notes in a Hospital Setting, Lee-Ann Kastman Breuch, Abigail Bakke, Kimberly Thomas-Pollei, Elizabeth Mackey, and Craig Weinert