This study delves into the relationships between strategic recruitment and retention practices implemented by rural Minnesota school districts and the recruitment and retention rates of teachers of color within these districts. The research assesses whether districts implementing strategic recruitment practices demonstrate a higher proportion of teacher candidates of color and subsequent hiring rates compared to their peer districts. The study also investigates the relationships between strategic retention practices and the actual retention data observed in districts. Participants included administrators representing districts identified as rural that have a significant percentage of students of color. were selected based on predetermined criteria encompassing district demographics and rural status within Minnesota. A survey tool was used to gather information on the use of strategic recruitment and retention practices, and the relationships were analyzed between the implementation of these practices and the recruitment and retention data in the district. The analysis did not demonstrate strong relationships between the strategic practice implementation and the recruitment and retention data in districts, thus not supporting the study hypotheses. However, modest relationships were observed in some cases, suggesting nuanced correlations between certain strategic practices and recruitment and retention data. Given the limited resources available to rural Minnesota school districts for recruiting and retaining teachers of color, it becomes imperative to allocate these resources thoughtfully. This study emphasizes the need for districts to regularly assess the impact of their recruitment and retention practices based on district results, and not solely rely on the district’s perception of his impact. Ultimately, this study aims to assist districts in optimizing resource allocation toward achieving successful recruitment and retention outcomes for teachers of color.


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