The present study explored the relationships between personality, cultural intelligence, and adjustment to expatriate assignments. More narrowly, this study explored which facets of cultural intelligence are related to United States Air Force (USAF) members' adjustment to international assignments in Germany. The study also aimed to clarify the relationship between Big Five personality factors and adjustment in USAF expatriates. Expatriate adjustment was measured using the Expatriate Adjustment Scale by Black and Stephens (1989). Cultural Intelligence was measured using the Extended Cultural Intelligence Scale by Van Dyne, Ang, Ng, Rockstuhl, Tan, and Koh (2012). Big Five personality factors were measured using the International Personality Item Pool by Goldberg, Johnson, Eber, Hogan, Ashton, Cloninger, & Gough (2006). There were 64 respondents to the electronic survey distributed to Spangdhalem Air Base. The results indicated that significant positive relationships were found between ten sub facets of cultural intelligence and adjustment. No significant relationships between Big Five personality factors and adjustment were found in this study.


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