Closed for Business is an installation which creates an immersive environment that awards the curious. The inspiration for the exhibition came from local industry and human tendency. In likeliness of a defunct factory, the installation transforms the gallery into a dimly lit mysterious space. Using mostly objects found on local farms and in everyday households, a narrative takes shape. The question "what happened here?" looms as you investigate the space looking for clues. With a keen eye for observation, you navigate the room and stumble upon the office of a misguided -- and missing -- entrepreneur. As you internalizing the questionable activity in the office, the nature of this person becomes clear. Outside the office, another type of person is represented; an example of adolescence with graffiti, destruction of property, and lewd behavior. A connection between two types of people is made. Are they all that different?

Closed for Business presents a series of clues for the curious minded, an installation that tells a story of two types of people -- adolescences and adults -- when no one is watching.


Liz Miller

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Todd Shanafelt

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