This collection contains scholarly articles, reports and other publications authored by Library Services faculty and staff members at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

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Submissions from 2011

MARC Edit Demo, Robert L. Bothmann

OCLC BibNote, MarcEdit, & File-90: Birds of a Feather, Robert L. Bothmann

RDA: Loss of GMD and Changes Regarding Type and Format, Robert L. Bothmann

Review of Cataloging Correctly for Kids: An Introduction to the Tools, 5th edition, edited by Shelia S. Intner, Joanna F. Fountain, and Jean Weihs, Robert L. Bothmann


Free Puppies: Integrating Web Resources into Online Catalogs, Robert L. Bothmann and Kellian Clink


Free Puppies: Integrating Web Resources into the Catalog, Robert L. Bothmann and Kellian Clink


When is the Personal not Professional? An Exploration, Kellian Clink


LibGuides Beta, Justine Martin and Casey Duevel

RDA: DOA or A-OK? A Town Hall Debate, Sarah Quimby, Stephen Hearn, Chris Goetz, and Robert L. Bothmann

Submissions from 2010


Making the Most of your Video Collections: Trends in Patron Access and Resource Sharing, Barbara J. Bergman

Analytic Linkages for Serials and 'Bound-withs' + WFF: Fixed Field Indexes and How To Use Them., Robert L. Bothmann

Cataloging Streaming Media, Robert L. Bothmann


Electronic Resources, Robert L. Bothmann

Evolving Standards: Making the Leap to RDA in Historical Context, Robert L. Bothmann

File-90 Bib Loader, Robert L. Bothmann

Review of Beginning Cataloging by Sheila S. Intner and Jean Weihs, Robert L. Bothmann

Test-Driving Resource Description and Access, Robert L. Bothmann, Mark Ehlert, Mary Huismann, and Sarah Quimby

Getting Around RDA, Sarah Quimby and Robert L. Bothmann

Submissions from 2009

RDA, FRBR, & FRAD: Making the Connection, Robert L. Bothmann

Review of Standard Cataloging for School and Public Libraries, Sheila S. Intner and Jean Weihs, Robert L. Bothmann

Review of Streamlining Library Services: What We Do, How Much Time It Takes, What It Costs, How We Can Do lt Better by Richard M. Dougherty, Robert L. Bothmann

Strategic Planning for E-Resources Management: Views from the Field, Robert L. Bothmann, Anna Hulseberg, and Sarah D.S. Monson


Transitions: Scaffolding Research Skills, Building Bridges, Creating New Knowledge, Kellian Clink


Exploring Best Practices for Identification, Assessment, Course Placement, Support Services, and Academic Monitoring of First Year Students whose ACT Writing Scores Indicate Needs for Skill Building, Kellian Clink and Amy Mukamuri


LibITS (Library+ITS): Cooperative Projects Lead to Successes, Margaret Lawrence, Joan Roca, and Wayne Sharp


How Do You Know That? An Investigation of Student Research Practices in the Digital Age, Randall McClure and Kellian Clink


Reference Universe, Pete McDonnell and Kellian Clink

Workflows for Outsourced Technical Services, Dianne L. Narum, Robert L. Bothmann, Christopher E. Getz, Mic Golden, and Paddy Satzer


Building a Sub-Saharan African Film Collection, Jessica Schomberg and Barbara J. Bergman

Submissions from 2008

Electronic Resources, Robert L. Bothmann

Rethinking Tech Services, Angi Faiks, Robert L. Bothmann, Leslie McPhail Peterson, and Virginia Dudley


Strategic Planning for Electronic Resource Management, Melissa Holmberg and Robert L. Bothmann


Cataloging of Audiovisual Materials and Other Special Materials: A Manual Based on AACR2 and MARC 21, Nancy B. Olson, Robert L. Bothmann, and Jessica Schomberg


Evaluación de Bibliotecas y acreditación universitaria en EE. UU. = Library Evaluation and University Accreditation, Joan Roca

Submissions from 2007


Video Collecting for the Sometimes Media Librarian: Tips and Tricks for Selecting, Purchasing, and Cataloging Videos for an Academic Library, Barbara J. Bergman, Victoria Peters, and Jessica Schomberg

From Database to ILL Request: Making the Connection with OpenURL, Robert L. Bothmann

Mapping Graduate Research, Robert L. Bothmann


Meeting the Needs of Special Format Catalogers: Ideas for Professional Organizations, Robert L. Bothmann

Review of Integrating Print and Digital Resources in Library Collections edited by Audrey Fenner, Robert L. Bothmann

Review of Selecting and Managing Electronic Resource by Vicki L. Gregory, Robert L. Bothmann

Using Indexing to Leverage Our Catalog Data for Users: Indexing ‘Tweaks' & Fixed Fields., Robert L. Bothmann

Using Indexing to Leverage our Catalog Data for Users: Indexing 'Tweaks' & Fixed Fields, Robert L. Bothmann and Mary Ann Greenwald


Assessing Undergraduate Interlibrary Loan Use, Polly P. Frank and Robert L. Bothmann


Self-Study as Self-Knowledge: Integrating Shared Governance and Planning Structures in the Self-Study Process, Donald Larsson, Joan Roca, and Scott Olson

Submissions from 2006

Keyword Indexing of Fixed Field Character Positions... Technical Services Answer to Anything You Ever Wanted to Know about Records with Coded Information that is Positionally Defined, Rebecca Bell, Robert L. Bothmann, Mary Ann Greenwald, and Alan Rykhus

Review of Electronic Journal Management Systems: Experiences from the Field, edited by Gary Ives, Robert L. Bothmann

Review of E-Metrics for Library and Information Professionals: How to Use Data for Managing and Evaluating Electronic Resource Collections by Andrew White and Eric Djiva Kamal, Robert L. Bothmann

The Historical Geography of Good Thunder, Minnesota, 1870-2005, Robert L. Bothmann


Librarians and Gumshoes, Kellian Clink

PDF Gossip or Useful Information, Kellian Clink


Thinking Outside the Box: Innovative Specialized Educational Technologies, Lynnette Engeswick, David Esping, Todd Pfingsten, Joan Roca, and Wayne Sharp


Plagiarism in Science and Technology Master's Theses: A Follow-Up Study, Melissa Holmberg and Mark McCullough


La transformació dels sistemes integrats de gestió bibliotecària = The Transformation of Integrated Library Systems, Joan Roca

Submissions from 2005

Singing Like a Fish, Part 1: Access, Use and Production of Multimedia in Academic Assignments, Barbara J. Bergman, Meghann Matwichuk, and Monique Threat

Singing Like a Fish, Part 2: A Select Annotated Digital Media Webliography, Barbara J. Bergman, Meghann Matwichuk, and Monique Threatt

Review of The Thesaurus: Review, Renaissance and Revision, edited by Sandra Roe and Alan Thomas, Robert L. Bothmann


E-Journal Management and Access Methods, Robert L. Bothmann, Melissa Holmberg, and Becky Schwartzkopf

E-Journal Management and Access Methods, Melissa Holmberg and Robert L. Bothmann


Currents and Convergence: The ACRL 12th National Conference Wrap-Up, Julia Kelley, Joan Roca, and Ross Thrasher


Anti-Plagiarism Tools: Scirus v. Google, Mark McCullough and Melissa Holmberg

Using the Google Search Engine to Detect Word-for-Word Plagiarism in Master's Theses: A Preliminary Study, Mark McCullough and Melissa Holmberg


Expanding a Collection to Reflect Diverse User Populations, Jessica Schomberg and Michelle Grace

Submissions from 2004


Cataloging Electronic Books, Robert L. Bothmann

Academic Media Center Collection Development and Circulation Policies: A Comparative Analysis, Mary S. Laskowski and Barbara J. Bergman

La gestió al 2014, què hem d'aprendre = Knowledge Management in 2014: What Do We Need to Learn?, Joan Roca

Submissions from 2003


Blue Earth County Poor Farm: A Brief History, Evan Rusch and Kellian Clink

Submissions from 2001

Cataloging E-Stuff, Robert L. Bothmann


Historiography of the Dakota Conflict, Kellian Clink

Developing a Web-Based Clearinghouse for Government Documents Displays, Mark McCullough

Web Clearing House Promotes Displays of Government Information, Mark McCullough


Taking Stock and Making Plans: Providing Access to Web-Based Federal Government Periodicals, Mark McCullough, Becky Schwartzkopf, and Nancy Macomber


Usability Study of the MnLINK Gateway, Joan Roca and Roland Nord

Submissions from 2000

Fitting Square Pegs into Round Holes: Reconciling Chapter 9 netLibrary Records with the LCRI 1.11A, Robert L. Bothmann

Ekk! It's E-books!, Judith Friedrich, Nancy Gibbs, and Robert L. Bothmann

Submissions from 1997


Escollint els nostres futurs, treballant en el nostre present: (perspectiva des d'una biblioteca nord-americana), Joan Roca

Submissions from 1996

Perspectives on the Learning Process, William Ammentorp, Thomas Morgan, and Joan Roca

Submissions from 1995


The Global Electronic Community: Modeling the Sociology of Self-Organization, Joan Roca, William Ammentorp, and Thomas Morgan

Submissions from 1994


MSUS/PALS: Building a Regional Information Infrastructure, Michael S. Barnett, Rodney C. Bruce, Dale K. Carrison, Jeanne DeMars, Patricia Flaherty, Linda Richter, Joan Roca, and Donna R. Webb


An X12 Implementation in Serials: MSUS/PALS and Faxon, Linda Richter and Joan Roca


Scholarship in the Electronic Community, Joan Roca

Submissions from 1993


Recorriendo Internet, Joan Roca

Submissions from 1992


MacPALS: A Macintosh Front-end to the PALS Library System, Joan Roca