Events from 2009

HIV Support Group Needs Assessment, Jennifer Kolstad

Evaluation of Pretreatment Methods in the Production of Ethanol from Cattail Leaves, Kristen Krahmer and Elijah N. Wreh

Identification of a Reaction By-Product in the Synthesis of Tetradecylchloride., Chad Kratochwill

The Influence of Participation in an Aerobic Conditioning Class in College-Aged Students, BreAnna Kruger and Amanda Trost

The Impacts of Restored Wetlands and Ravines on Water Quality within the Seven Mile Creek Watershed in South Central Minnesota, Caitlin Langer

Tina Key's Parody of Sarah Palin, April M. Larson


Minnesota Health Care Programs: Renville County Human Servics Outreach Project, Bethany Leindecker

A New Look at Nonprofit Online Fundraising: Persuasion Through the Means of Credibility and Psychological Consistency, Kaytlin M. LeMier

The Effect of Red Bull Energy Drink on Attenuating Muscular Fatigue Following Heavy Exercise, Amanda Lipetzky

An Exploratory Study of Hiring Difficulties Among Rural Social Service Staff in Minnesota., Renee A. Lips

The Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Plant: Nuclear Racism or Business as Usual?, Melissa Lorentz

Investigating Porcelain, Dennis Loucks

Employment Background Checks, Eric Lucker, Brianne Sorensen, Christopher Swol, Brittanie Schafer, and Eric Nagel


The Importance of Worksite Supervisors in At-Risk Youths' Lives, Laura Luna

Where Are They Now? Caretakers Affect on Children Who Have Been Placed in Foster Care, Relative Care, or in Adoptive Homes, Crysta Lynch

Reflections on the Conduct of Research with Human Subjects Across Two Cultures, Kimberly M. Maas

Large Scale Paintings, Amy Magnuson

Fluid Movement Through the Mesabi Iron Range, Minnesota, Kyle Makovsky

Analysis of Pronunciation Variation and Linguistic Structure Using Decision Trees, Tatyana V. Mamchuk

Attributions of Team Performance in a Dispersed Environment, Jennifer Mans and Daniel Regnier

Activation of Behavioral Trait Inferences: Impression Formation in the Reading Process, Samuel Martin

Adolescents in Drug and Alcohol Treatment: Do They Gain Knowledge on Addiction?, Sara Martin

Griots: Transformations in Young Woman of Color, Donna McGhee-Weaver

Cross-Cultural Understanding of Philosophies of Pre-Service Teachers, Katelyn McMahon, Anastasiya Horeva, and Katie Robb

Determination of the Mechanism Through Which Activated Charcoal Amendment of Soils Impacts Soil Microbial Community Catabolic Activity, Adam Mely

Lesbian Oppression and Love - Historically and Globally, Erin Meyer

Mathematical Modeling of Tick-Borne Encephalitis in Humans, Michael Meyer, Amanda Kriesel, and Geoffrey Peterson

Will the Olympics Impact an Individual's Sense of Nationalism as Well as Attitudes Towards the Host Country?, Hassan Mohamed, Samatha Madhavarapu, and Cory Vaske


Increasing Referrals for Services through Collaboration with Community Agencies, Benjamin Mohr

Experiential Learning and Small Group Dynamics: Working with the Genocide Intervention Network, Krista Monson

Gender Responses to Advertising Content in Male vs. Female Magazines, Jessica M. Morales and Heidi C. Doerr

Completing the Triangle: Alcohol Attitudes and Risk-Taking Behavior, Christina Murphy and Danielle Polzin

Determining Genetic and Clonal Diversity of Typha spp. Using Microsatellites Markers, Monica J. Ngeno

Investigating the Role that Compounds in Vanilla and Cinnamon Play in Preventing Cancer, Vy T. Nguyen

Barriers That Children Experience in Being Placed in Adoptive Homes, Julie Nielsen

Determination of the Antioxidant Potential, Total Phenolic Content and Total Flavonoid Content of Vernonia amygdalina, Cybill E. Okitikpi


LLMHS Elderly Services Outreach Program: Lincoln, Lyon & Murray Human Services, Jamie Olson

Qualitative Research of Selected Language Skills of Individuals with Cornelia de Lang Syndrome, Kelly E. Olson


Frequent Users of the Emergency Department: A Policy Proposal, Tina Ann Olson

Investigating the Pathogenesis Response of Soybean Varieties with High Quality Indices, Paskal Pandey and Anil Thapa

Sexual Violence Education Programs Presented in Public Schools, Teresa Parker

Selling Gender: Gender Role Portrayals in Contemporary Magazine Advertisements, Laura Pelletier

You've Got Mail: Identity Perceptions Based on Email Usernames, Laura Pelletier

Should the University Have the Right to Punish Students Who Get Caught Drinking Off Campus?, Chris Perry, Chris Gasner, Connor Nelson, Cornelius Cotton, Bryan Jellinger, and Cliff Dodge

Facilitated Attachment of the N-(3-HydroxypropyI) Urea Unit to a Solid Phase Resin Using 9- Fluorenylmethoxycarbonyl (FMOC) as a Protecting and Quantifying Group, Souksavanh Phaengkhouane


Assessment of Parenting Skills of Mothers in Court Ordered Substance Abuse Treatment, Barb Pieske

The Effect of Nutrient Levels on the Allelopathic Ability of Reed Canary Grass {Phalaris arundinacea) on Lettuce, Selina Pradhan

Freedom of Speech, Jillene Preusser, Jason Barnett, Justin Sawyer, Jon Rivers, Jason Goebel, and Jordan Curtiss

Energy Calibration of a Van de Graaff Accelerator, Christopher Prokop, Ryan Wickland, Scott Clarke, Chad Anderson, and Arbin Timilsina

Performance as Advocacy for Abused Survivors, Megan Rae

Hybrid Development and Diesel Emissions Technology, Jayson Ramthun, Aaron Jackson, Matthew Blaha, Michael Dannenberg, Alex Bellus, and David Carroll

Expression of 9/13 Hydroperoxide Lyase in Cucumber Leaves, Samee Ranginwala


Implementation and Data Tracking of School-Linked Mental Health Services at a Rural Mental Health Agency, Jim Redmond

Family Councils, Amanda Reed

Role of the Special Review Board, Supreme Court Appeal Panel, and Hospital Review Board in Mentally Ill and Dangerous Court Committed Cases, Jessica Regan

The Effects of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 on Employers in the Mid-West., Michelle Reiners, Leonette-Ann Riley, Mariel Korton, Melissa Erdman, Marissa Baumann, and Matt Sayre

Risk Factors for Students Attending a Sober School in Mankato, Minnesota Prior to Discharge from School: What Are They?, Shannon Riley


Social Work Ethics Computer-Based Training Minnesota State University, Mankato Department of Social Work, Rebecca Robinson-Wargelin

How Guided Inquiry Classes Affect Students' Learning Chemistry, Brendan P. Roggow

Differentiable Game Theory and Strategic Decision Making in Business, Austen Rud

Strata: Collaging Through Layers, Colin Ruff

Mycobacterium paratuberculosis Carbon Catabolism in Nutrient-Rich and Nutrient-Poor Environments, Eric Russell and Amanda Vaske

Proposal on How to Tax Motorists, Megan Rynda, Melissa Neal, Megan Hejhal, Matt Wills, and Mike Kipke

Effects of Reduced Aldosterone on Resting Blood Pressure in the Wistar-Kyoto (WKY) Rat, Angela Sanderson

Comparison Of Distiller's Grain and Corn Gluten Concentrations on the Germination Of Common Weeds: Common Mallow (Malva neglecta), Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale), and Wild Garlic (Allium ursinum), Mark Saxhaug and Brandon Bragg

Are Stereotypes Inherently Negative? Assessing Activation in Memory for Positive and Negative Stereotypes, Amber Scheierl

Gender Differences in Symptoms of Anxiety, Depression, Hyperactivity and Conduct Problems among Children Ages Eight to Fourteen, Jenna M. Schley

Use of Global Guidelines Assessment in Early Childhood Education Settings, Cassandra Schmidt, Anna Kucherenko, Alexandra Shykova, and Anne Kennedy

Stream Profile Analysis of the Le Sueur River Stream Capture Event, Katherine Schroeder

References, Opening the Lines of Communication, Joshua Schultz, Jonathan Elwood, Kristin Ashe, Heather Johnson, Leah Kahler, and David Lindell

The Representation of Women in American Western Film and Literature, Jessica Sebold

Sovereignty and National Identity In Regards To The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict, Mohamed R. Seck

Application of Employment At-Will Principles Among College Students, Anthony Seidl, Benjamin Traxler, Bethany Imdieke, Brandon Schlichter, and Brett Thompson

Political Art of the Black Panther Party: Cultural Contrasts in the Nineteen Sixties Countermovement, Melissa Seifert


From a Consumer’s Perspective: What is Helpful for Residents of Four Bed Group Homes to Maintain Good Mental Health, Ronna R. Severson

Adding Flex-Fuel Capability to a Passenger Vehicle Engine Using a Do-it-Yourself System, Shizen Shrestha and Saroj Phuyal

Property for Sale, Ana Silva, Amber Flaten, Amanda Olson, Blane Sharkey, Brent Forslund, and Andrew Paik

Satisfaction of the Referral of Students to an Offsite Special Education Program, Samantha Smith

Comprehensive Sex Education Versus Abstinence-Only, Shawna L. Soper


Characteristics of Evidence-Based Parent-Training Programs, Peggy Sorensen

Test-Retest Reliability on a Survey Measure of School Psychology Practices, Seth Sorensen

Qualitative Research of Selected Language, Speech, and Hearing Skills of Individuals with Moebius Syndrome, Sarah A. Spoor

False Entrapment, Jenny Starken, James Christianson, John Matheson, Jenny Nass, Jared Andrashko, and Ike McWaters

Mixed Messages: The Contradiction of Dove's Real Beauty Campaign Against Their Better-Aging Products, Meagan Steele

Educational Fiscal Policy and Its Effects on How Our Children Learn: Comparing Minnesota and Illinois, Sally Anne Stenzel


Best Practices for Vulnerable Adult Investigation Policies and Procedures at Blue Earth County, Anna Stindt


Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Electric Training Modules, Jennifer Stuehrenberg

Selected Language Skills of Individuals with Aspergers, Amanda Swanson

Qualitative Research of Selected Language Skills of Individuals with Aspergers Syndrome, Katherine H. Thayer


Employing The Spectral Collocation Method in the Modeling of Laminar Tube Flow Dynamics, Corey Michael Thibeault

Effect of Normal Polyglutamine Polymorphism on Huntington Disease Protein Function., Mark Thompson

Second Chance Class: Education and Awareness Prevention, Nancy Torres

Mankato University On-Campus Penalties for Students Involved in Off-Campus Activities, Scott Trnka, Ray Betts, Mark Robinson, Nate Day, Tadd Tepfer, and Wade Skogstad


2009 Abstract Booklet, Undergraduate Research Center, Minnesota State University, Mankato

College Students' Study Habits and Attitudes, Kaley VanDenBerg

Anatomy of a Small Autonomous Vehicle, Joshua Vander Hook, Wade Kallhoff, and Mitch Beckman

Is Chemical Warfare a Mode of Invasion of Reed Canary Grass (Phalaris arunduacea) in Wetlands?, Jordy Veit

Effectiveness of Remineralizing Toothpaste on Tooth Decalcification, Dorothy Vo

Anatomical Characterization of the Rat Peripheral Neurovasculature, Chelsea Vreeman and Stacy Singfiel

Synthesis of a Novel Podophyllotoxin Derivative for Use as an Anti-Cancer Drug, Abigail K. Wagner