Portfolios from 2022


Nicole Aadalen Honors Portfolio, Nicole Aadalen


Investigating the Effectiveness of the Positive Reinforcement Components of Tootling, Kennedi J. Alstead


A Socio-Historical Analysis of the Dynamics of Genocide in Bosnia 1992-1995: Forces Contributing to the Continuation of Genocide, Lejla Alvarez

Myosin Oxidation and Effects on Magnesium and Actin Binding, Lelti Asgedom and Muna Awel


Mapping Log Pd/Cu Ratios in Vulcan and Investigation into the Origin of the Magenta Zone in the NorthMet Deposit: Hoyt Lakes Minnesota, USA, Paige M. C. M. Bauer

The Impact of Enzyme X on the Growth of Hepatocellular Carcinoma, Austen Bayne and Hunter Burgess


Decolonizing the Map: Indigenous Maps and GIS, Henry Osborne Beimers

Automated Throttle Control System, David Benson


Creating the Role of Myra Arundel in Hay Fever, Morgan Benson

Music & Personality, Maleah Berry and Ganwoo Nam

Presence of African American English in Narrative Samples, Amanda Biastock and Katie Ebeling

The Effect of Sodium Perchlorate on Testi and Ovary Development, Kyle Bouten

Examining Empathy in Parent/Young Adult Relationships Using a Brief Solution-Focused Activity, Ashley Bruehlman

An Evaluation of a Brief Mindfulness and Values Training on Cyber Bullying Behavior in College Students, Ellie Bungum

Hermann in the Imagination: Are Germanic Tribes a Model Example of Resistors to Imperialism, Dominic Burns

Data Acquisition and Analysis of a Formula SAE Car, Benjamin Cacka, Trevor Rowe, and Alex Van Den Heuvel


Pathways Towards an Engineering Baccalaureate Degree - Critical Incidents and Factors Leading Students to Choose Community College: A Phenomenological Study, Joan Zitur Carter


Examining the Effects of an Online Social Skills Program Targeting Emotional Regulation Skills for a Young Adult with an Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Single Case Study., Danielle Curtis


Satanists’ Sexual Self-Concept, Samuel Danielson


Tangible Transformation: Change in Intangible Times, Rhonda R. Dass

Effects of Retinoic Acid on Leptin in Brown Adipose Tissue Template, Yeabsira Dessie and Tsion Sherbeza


Stress Coping Responses of Undergraduate University Students Prior to & Since the Onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Kaylee Diefenderfer

Function and Expression of Class I Ribonucleotide Reductases in Flavobacterium johnsoniae, Hunter Doheny


The Expression of Satanist Identity: Does Visible Identification of Satanism Predict Discrimination and Depression?, Allyson Dudley


Best Practices of Teaching Public Speaking Online, Sally Dufner

The Influence of Covid-19 on College Students' Anxiety, Lauren Eckert, Whitney Sumihi, Ariana Jacobs, Annie Grund, Cooper Fuller, Kathleen Ristau, and Peyton Primmer


Effects of Daily Spaced Versus Massed Practice on Spelling Word Retention Among Struggling Spellers, Melissa Engel

The Effect of Concussion Information Quality on Youth Athlete and Parent Perceptions and Behavior, Eleanor Fitzwilliams

Predicting Factors for a DFW in Chem 191, Ashley Flynn

The Creation of a Montessori Based Activity: A Memory Book, Alexis Fronk, Elizabeth Chua, Courtney Warren, and Julia Swanson

Evaluating the Impacts of Microplastics on Soil and Plant Health: A Greenhouse Pot Experiment, Cortiney Galuska and Vincent McKnight

Calmodulinopathies and Oxidation Effects on Calmodulin Structure and Function, Eden Gebremariam and Samson Hamza

Implementation of Meaningful Engagements for Individuals with Dementia: Students' Perspectives, Jianna Gellhaus, Julia McCabe, and Kaycee Ryan

Improving Intake System Efficiency of a Restricted Formula SAE Engine, Benjamin Glaus, Logan Johnson, and Alexander Ryno

Does Leptin Induce Lipolysis?, Tensae Gonfa

Brettina von Arnim and Civil Action: How to Defy Oppression by Championing Others, Tesla Gontjes

The Effect of Healthy Lifestyle Choices on Mental Health, Emily Goodman and Ashley Frick

A Brief Zoom-Facilitated Mindful and Intuitive Eating Intervention to Decrease Disordered Eating, McKay Gray, Seth Nelson, and Eungyeong Lee

Creating a Heparanase Knockout in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Using CRISPR, Emilie Greene and Meaghan Keohane


Grade Point Average (GPA) as a Criterion for Admission to Two-Year Nursing Programs: The Impact of GPA Use on Student Learning, How GPA Informs Program Admission Decisions, and What Ethical Frameworks Support Admission Decisions, Luke Green

Subcellular Localization of FAM171B in Endosomes of Neurons, Emily Gregersen, Jenny Vetter, and Sheebong Zama-Chi

Circadian Gene Expression Across Reproductive Phases in the Green Anole Lizard (Anolis carolinensis) Brain, Taylor Grossen


“Seeing Everything About a Student”: Proactive Advising & Coaching as Intersectional Student Support Systems and Services, Corrin Helget

Filtration Capacity of Sand and GAC for Phosphate Removal, Molly Hill and Harrison Wong


Liberty Hombe Honors Portfolio, Liberty Hombe

The Impact of Communication Methods and Frequency on Young Adult Professional Engagement, Colleen Jackson


Optimal Speed Control of Electric Vehicles in Traffic with Wireless Charging, Amina Jemi


The Sound Design for H.M.S. Pinafore, Kyle W. Jensen


Death Anxiety: A Quantitative Exploration of Professional Counselors Experiences, Kaitlyn Judith Kaus


Meaghan Keohane Honors Portfolio, Meaghan Keohane

Critical Thinking about Workplace Problems: An Essential Skill for Students, William Kessler, Emory Landis, Andrew McCarty, Haley Lechtenberg, and Jayden Kasiska-Pettersen

Exploring How Technology Use Influences College Student Success, Makayla Ketterling

Evaluating Platinum-Based Compounds in Glioblastoma Cells, Jordan Kimmet and Morgan Rud


“I Save Me”: Gender, Agency, and Power in Better Call Saul, Stephanie Kocer

Physical Therapy Use Among Collegiate Dancers, Vanessa Kotek and Kacey Wachholz

Using Genomic DNA of Anolis Carolinensis to Determine Sex in Juvenile Lizards, Ashley Kraudy and Nadia Lowery


Cover-Copy-Compare as a Math Fact Fluency Intervention for Students in an Alternative Special Education Program, RaeLynn J. Lamminen


Recognizing Capital: A Study of Cultural Wealth, Grit, and Student Success, Jessica Lauritsen


Exploring the Effects of Creativity and Student Success on Community College STEM Students Taking Fine Arts Courses, Jimmy LeDuc

Impact of Two Courses, Critical Race Theory and Human Relations in Multicultural Society, on Intercultural Competence of Undergraduate Students, Lauren Lindmeier and Ryuto Hashimoto

Adjustable Ackermann Design and Testing for Max Performance, Esteban Loera and Cory Miller


A Quantitative Assessment and Comparison of the Undergraduate Curriculum Prerequisite Structures for the Universities in the Minnesota State System with Particular Emphasis on Mathematics Courses, Erik Loge

Exploring Student Experiences with Group Work, Hailey Lundeen

Functional Investigation of the Type IX Secretion System Regulatory Pathway Components in Flavobacterium johnsoniae, Ireland Manning

Development of Genetic Manipulation Techniques for the Fish Pathogen, Flavobacterium psychrophilum, Ritika Marsani and Carly Beveridge

SIVmac239 Vpx Nuclear Import, Hunter Mayhew

COVID-19 and the Impact of Physical Activity on Cognition and Quality of Life in Elderly Adults, Jenna McCarthy

The Effects of Steroid Hormones on Neurogenesis in the Breeding and Non-Breeding Green Anole Lizard (Anolis carolinensis), Brooke Miles and Alex Calli-Wehrman


Assessing the Appropriateness of the Cultural Formulation Interview in Conceptualizing Reverse Culture Shock, Katja Nielsen


Alim Nigmatjonov Honors Portfolio, Alim Nigmatjonov


Accustomly Intermarried: Racial/National Intermarriages and Their Negotiation of Family Celebrations, Jori Adrianna Nkwenti


Increasing Above and Beyond Behavior Through Social Emotional Learning, Lars Olson


Implementation and Usage of Low-cost Turbines for Power Generation in Water Networks, Luis Javier Ortiz Osornio

Synthesis of Imidazoline and Oxazoline Products Via a Novel Reaction Mechanism, Ramsey Pankratz and Eric Patton


An Unspoken Story of Education: An Autoethnographic Exploration of Racism in Education, Elisa A. Perez-Garcia

Relationship between APOBEC3A and Herpes Simplex Virus 1 UL39, Maria Rodriguez Quevedo

The Effects that Virtual Learning and the COVID-19 Pandemic have had on Nursing Students at Minnesota State University, Mankato, Rachel Rana, Kayla Walsh, Anita Khatri, and Dikshya Thapa


Makenzie Reed Honors Portfolio, Makenzie Reed

Who Needs an Energy Boost? Do Differences in Energetic Requirements to Perform a Tail-Flip Jump Cause Differences in Muscle Composition?, Makenzie Reed

Improving Efficiency of Low-Income Housing, Jessica Reese


Autumn Ritter Honors Porfolio, Autumn Ritter


Pain & Glory, Wardah Sabrie

MN Dept of Human Services Background Disqualifications, Jill Sallstrom

Modeling and Forecasting Renewable Energy, Deepshikha Sanjel

Improving Range of a Battery-Electric XTV Vehicle by Incorporating a Diesel-Powered Hybrid Electric System, Daniel Schnabel, Ryan Callery, and Jacob Dahlen

Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Assisted Living Residents During Quarantie, Sydnie Schneider, Erin Dorn, and Cecelia Anderson


Virtues and Values: A Transcendental Phenomenological Examination of Professional Coach Trainers' Use of Virtue Ethics as a Tool in Their Practice, Julianne Schwietz


The Portrayal of Female Athletes on the Covers of The New Yorker 1925-2016, Olena Shchur


Technical Direction of Shakespeare in Love, Jared A. Shofstall


John Shrestha Honors Portfolio, John Shrestha

MNSU, The Green Campus: Now and Future, John Shrestha

Pre-Methylation of Foreign DNA Improves Conjugation Efficiency in the Fish Pathogen, Flavobacterium psychrophilum, Seada Sloboda

Formula SAE Wiring Harnes Design, Ryan Soltau

Emerging Adulthood? Religious Vocation and Age in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century France, Ya Fattou Sowe


Marisa Sullivan Honors Portfolio, Marisa Sullivan

Virtual International Learning: Exploring Healthcare Similarities and Differences, Marisa Sullivan, Linnea Byers-Sunde, and Grace Omann

Implementation of a High Dose Rate Irradiator for Living Samples using 400keV Electrons, Samantha Sunnarborg, Preston Finger, David Markiewicz, and Jackson Walters

Soil Carbon Inventory and Aggregate Stability of Conventional Tillage and Orchard with Continuous Living Cover, Madison Sweet


An Investigation of the Perception of Elderspeak Among Community Dwelling Older Adults, Abby L. Teply


Nina Tulashie Honors Portfolio, Nina Tulashie