Events from 2007

Immunolocailzatlon of Actin inTransgenic and Wildtype Murine Myocardium, Jacob T. Davis and Meghan Bohland

E20 Effects on Automotive Fuel Pumps, Thomas Devens, Nathan Hanson, Adam Larson, and Colin Rohde

Listen, Can You HearTheir Voices?: Analysis of the Representation of Women in the St. James (Minnesota) High School Curriculum, Sharon Dexheimer

Gas Washing Analysis: Revealing Profitable Oil Reserves, Andrew Dickinson

Fluid Properties In the Formation of High-Grade Iron Ore in Northern Minnesota, Elizabeth A. Drommerhausen

Readability Levels of College Chemistry Textbooks from Introductory Chemistry to Physical Chemistry, Elizabeth A. Drommerhausen

Changes in Attitudes Towards the Situation or Changes in Attitudes Towards the Self? The Role of Cognitive Dissonance in Adjusting to Unpleasant Work Environments for Independent and Interdependent Selves, Daniel Ellis

Training and Learning Preferences of Older Workers, Katie Fairchild

Adherence of Earthworm Coelomic Cells, Kristy Felske and Julie Milbrett

School Psychology Practice and Job Satisfaction, Rebecca E. Fenicle

Comparison of Biotic Indices to Evaluate Stream Health of the Le Sueur River Basin, James Fett

Effect of Molecular Size on the Sorption of Hydrophobic Compounds with Dissolved Organic Matter, John Freiderich

Population, Oil Consumption, and Carrying Capacity, Robert E. Freiderich

Essentialism, Experience, and the Transsexual Reality, Brad Freihoefer

Creating a Responsible Media, Alyssa George

A Cause de son Infirmité: Disability at a Girl's Orphanage in Early-Modern Dijon, France, James Gillham

ATV Fuels and Emissions Research, Kurt Gostomczik, Martin Mogensen, and Fredrick Anderson

To Vote or Not to Vote: Influences on Young MSU Women Concerning the Decision to Vote, Gillian Gray

Reflections on Canvas: Caravaggio and the Development of Optical Style, Eleanor Rae Harper

Effects of Surgically Induced Low Aldosterone Levels on Growth and Cardiovascular Development in WKY Rats, Lauren Haverstock

The Rise of Benjamin Disraeli and the Passage of the Second Reform Act, Dustin B. Heckman

The Ups and Downs of Women, In Hollywood Films and American Life, Marcia Hewitt

Merging Glass with Ceramics, Casey R. Hochhalter

Payoff Transparency and Reward Desirability in the Prisoner's Dilemma, Jeff Holden

Development of a High Gain Double Spherical Helical Antenna for Wireless Communication, Rumman Kabir and Mohnish Tuladhar

How the 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley Act Affects Regional CPA Firms, Irina Kansakar, Kaitlyn Moll, and Krista Gillen

Creative Exploration of Alternative Photographic Process, Laura Klecker

This Modern Life, Nathan Klein and Dodie Miller

Wild Rice: National Food or Sacred Crop?, Nathan Kofstad, Andrea Laabs, Steven Loerzel, and Mark Mageskau

Analysis of Soil Microbial Communities in Young and Old Vascular Plants Ecosystems on the Antarctic Peninsula, Tammy Kolander

Men, Women and Children for Sale: The Dichotomy of Human Trafficking in the United States and Abroad, Elizabeth Kolbe

Observer's Perceptions of Self-Handicappers' and Sandbaggers' Motives, Jeannie M. Korngable

An Internship in Art: Learning the Inner Workings of Life as a Professional Artist, Ian Laird, Melissa Seifert, and Chad Gunderson

Medieval Norwegian Kings and Their Claims to Power, Daryl R. Lawrence

Critique of the Appropriation of Black Culture by White Suburban Youth, Julie L. Lemley

Linguistic Comparison of Emergency Department Physician Communication in Urban and Rural Settings, Kirsten Markiewicz

Analysis of OLED Performance, Chris Markle

Automated Visual Inspection for Discriminating Between Heraldic Devices and Text, Ivan A. Marte

Vascular Architecture of the Liver in SHR and WKY Rats, Charalette Mathwig and Ken Willaert

Antibiotic Resistance of Enteric Microorganisms Isolated From River Water, Elizabeth Mauland and Erik Miller

Imminent Assimilation: A New Interpretation of Etruscan Cultural Material, Lisa M. Mayer

Determination of Genetic Diversity of River Otter Populations in Minnesota, Sunnie McCalla

Microscopic Imaging of Aquatic Invertebrates in Southern Minnesota, Tracy McConnell and Omary Lyimo

Wonderful: The Power of a Compliment on a Woman's Self-Esteem, Jennifer Melby

Reassessing Pornography and Silence by Susan Griffin, Feminist Critiques 25 Years Later, Nicole Meyers

Evaluation of the Effects of the Allelochemical 5-Hydroxy-1,4-Naphthoqulnone on the Invasive Species Rhamnus Cathartica, Genevieve L. Miles

Offspring Effects of Impaired Aldosterone Secretion During Pregnancy in the Spontaneously Hypertensive Rat (SHR) and the Wistar-Kyoto Rat (WKY), Erica Moore

The Dancing Body in American Concert Dance as a Social Barometer of Change, Rachel Nachreiner

The Effect of Chronic Exercise on Vascular and Kidney Responses in the Wistar-Kyoto Rat, Jessica K. Nelson and Olivah E. Msambichaka

Impact of Japanese Flower Arrangement, Harumi Okoshi

Motivations of the Opponents to the British Contagious Diseases Acts (1866-1886), Kathryn Pase

Developing and Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Training Program for Secondary-Level, Targeted Behavioral Interventions in School, Michael Perry

Spending, Food Choices and Diet-Related Health of College Students, Kathryn Peters

Investigation of Aqueous Chromium (III) Complexation Chemistry and its Implications for a Common Laboratory Procedure, Marjorie J. Ploeger

Defining Sexual Assault, A Survey of College-Age Men, Lisa Pohl

Population of Northern Leopard Frogs (Rana Pipiens) Migrating Between the Ney Frog Pond and the Minnesota River Valley for Spring Breeding, Rebecca Madison Pollack

Move Over Tiger and Vijay, Marketing Could Bring More Diversity, Alecia Prins

Attempting the Impossible: The Quantification of Pain, Mary Pyka

Building of a High Performance Chassis for a Formula SAE Car, Tim Quast, Joe Anderson, and Jacob Gillespie

An Ethical Debate: Measuring Truthiness In Parliamentary Debate, Joshua Randall and David Brennan

Characterization of Proteins that Interact with the Alpha Subunit of Actin Capping Protein, Ryan Raver and Joshua Kamrud

Investigation of Thermodynamic and Magnetic Properties of Strongly Correlated and Hybridized Electron Systems, Eric Raymer

Flex-Fuel Prius, Tony Reichel, Jacob Kriesel, Luke Markham, and Jon Liu

Integration of a Turbocharged Engine in a Formula SAE Car, Benjamin Reilly, Christopher Grasser, Patrick Lehmann, and Blake Rosengren

Normative Study for Soft Phonatlon Index, Megan Riesgaard

Boundary Water Canoe Area and Wildlife Area Laws, Chrisy Robinson

Determination of the Optimal Concentration of Medium Supplements Promoting the Recovery of Dormant Mycobateria in Culture, Kelly E. Rock

Religion and the Oppression of Animals, Bailey Breck Rolfsrud

Examining Need for Cognition and Feedback with Team Virtuality, Alison Rusk and Adam Roybal

Effect of Vitamin E on Phosphofructokinase Activity in Acute Metabolically Stressed Rats, Katrina Sandeberg

Allelopathic Effects of Water Extracts of Roots from Typha Angustifolia and Scirpus Flaviatilis Stored in a Refrigerator 60-90 Days (Simulated Winter) on Seeds of Lactuca Sativa, Nate Schipper


English Language Learners and Library Research, Jessica Schomberg

Comparison of Macroinvertebrate Populations Collected with Three Different Methods at Several Location in the Maple River, Lynn Schultz and Tom Burg


Stimulating Reading Excitement in Secondary Level English Language Learners, Rachael J. Schweigert

The Impact of Weather Conditions on Mood Variability in Geographically Relocated Versus Non-Relocated Individuals, Jamie M. Scott

The Virgin of Guadalupei: The Formation of the Mother of Modern Mexico, Alicia Seewald

Investigating the Perceived Present and Future Benefits of Using Accounting Related Software in Account Courses, Jolene Sieben and Christina Emmert

Measuring Noble Gases in Coma Samples from Comet Wild 2, Jacob Simones

Christian Feminism: Female Pastors and Feminism, Amanda A. Slowinski

Developing Microsoft Word 2007 Add-On Applications, Peter L. Sonnek

Determination of Aerobic Fitness Requirements for the Popular Video Game "Dance, Dance, Revolution (DDR)", Michael Steiner

Fetal Effects of Impaired Aldosterone Secretion During Pregnancy in the Rat, Benjamin Sticha and Sara Feldbrugge

Comparison of Effects of Corn Gluten and Distillers Grain on the Germination of Lettuce and Green Bean Seeds, Christine Stocker

Identification of Proteins that Interact with Actin Capping Protein, Kevin Y. E. Strehler and Nathan M. Martinez

Black Gold In the White Arctic, Matt Suess

Analysis of Polar Bear Protection Legislation, Ryan Thompson, William Meyer, and Brad Heitzinger

Greenroofs, An Urban Oasis, Ryan Thompson, William Meyer, and Brad Heitzinger

The Decision to Run: The Stories of Women in the Minnesota Legislature, Danielle M. Thomsen

The Effects of British Penal Reform on Juvenile Delinquency, 1895-1900, Abigail A. Tieck

Girls Gone Wild: Porn or Pop Culture?, Kelly Trytten

Junior High Reading Choices and School Librarian Influences on Those Choices, Sarah Turbes


2007 Abstract Booklet, Undergraduate Research Center, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Nineteenth Century Views on Theater and Drama in England, Rebecca Unetic

Team Cohesion and Performance as a Product of Virtual Condition, Melissa Vale

Title IX at Minnesota State University, Mankato, Courtnay VanDe Velde

Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of Multialleic Migration-Selection Models, Chad N. Vidden

An MSU Feature Presentation, Philip C. Warren

Mankato's Water: Is It Clearly the Best Choice?, Krista Wassenaar, Chris Kulzer, and Kevin Wittbrot

Articulation in Conversation: A Comparison of Children with Williams Syndrome and Their Typically Developing Peers, Amy Weiss, Rachel Dahl, Jada Jokumsen, and Laura Johnson

Variations in Transition Metal Ion Speciation Due to Differences in Dissolved Organic Matter, Richard Wienhold