Events from 2006

Religious and National Origin Diversity in the Workplace, Julie Dahanaike

Synthesis and Analysis of [Pt((CH3)2CHNC)4[Pt(CN)4], Jennifer Dahm

How Christians Deal with Times of Transition: Comparing and Contrasting the Fourth Century Basilica with the Modern, Tysen Dauer

Immunolocalization of Actin in Transgenic and Wildtype Murine Myocardium, Jacob R. Davis and Meghan Bohland

Examination of Proteins in Roundup Ready Soybean Seeds, Fiona Denge

Renewable Energy from the Oceans, the Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion System (OTEC), Elizabeth Drommerhausen

Readability Levels of High School and College Chemistry Textbooks, Elizabeth A. Drommerhausen

Characterization of Proteins Interacting with the Alpha Subunit of Actin Capping Protein, Angelique DuCharme and Charity Zabel

The Influence of Kaolinite on the Fate of Erythromycin in Soil Environments, Leila Erdmann

Contrafusion: A Creative Investigation of Gender in Art, Jarrod Feddersen and Anna Melzer

Intentionality in Kant and Wittgenstein, Ryan Feldbrugge

Detection of Lead in Bullet Wipe Using Sodium Rhodizonate, Heather Finch

Drawing the Figure Using References for an Online Comic, Jill Fredrickson

Gendered Inequalities in Sex Education Curriculum, Jessica Friton

The Founding of the Front de Liberation du Quebec and the Events that Led to the October Crisis of 1970, Melanie M. Garcia

Morphological Characterization of Genetically Altered Murine Hearts Using Scanning Electron Microscopy, Gabriel Gehrke

Climate Change, Famine and Witches: A New Interpretation of the European Witch Hunts, Adam Gish

Assesment of the Mankato Area's Young Adult Population's Knowledge of Mall Video Mining for Marketing Research, Tyler S. Goodmanson, Brett E. Fleck, and Emily A. Johnson

Killing for Fun: A Study of The Effect Violent Videogames Have on the Player, Mike Goracke

The Role of Greed and Deception in the Collapse of Energy Giant Enron and What It Means for Kenneth Lay, Todd Grant

Arabic Calligraphy in Modern Islamic Art and Its Ties to the Past, Jana Griesenbrock

Do Only "Sluts" Talk About Sex? Young Women Discuss Sexuality, Sarah Groh

Hold the Discrimination: Effective Strategies for Preventing an Anti-Gay Amendment to the Minnesota Constitution, Emily Haas

A Faunal Analysis of the Silvernale Site, Goodhue, Mn; Features 1 and 2, Christine Halling

Effects of Surgically-Induced Low Aldosterone on Blood Pressure of Rats, Jonathan Hammer

Where We Live, Marissa Hansen

Ethnic Identity and Self-Esteem: The Moderating Effect of Self-Structure, Elizabeth A. Harsma

Affinity Purification of an Antibody, Marilyn Hart

The Prevention of Inflammatory-Related Liver Damage by Tamoxifen in Rats Given Fish Oil, Renae Haycraft

Responses of Minnesota Accounting Firms on Sarbanes-Oxley, Joe Hellman and Dan Ristau

The Effects of Internal Curing on the Properties of Concrete, Ryan Henkensiefken and Michael Krause

The Impact of Single Women and the Early Modern Economy, Bridget Heussler

Economic Changes and Their Environmental Impacts of China, Phillip Hintz

Kromoscopic Instrument Development and Detection of Oxidation Damaged LDL and DNA, Ariel Howe

Fraud Forecast: Hot and Rising, Amber A. Hubbard

Customer Spotting And Service Area Analysis Of The YMCA Using GIs: A Case Study Of The Greater Mankato Area, Brandon Hughson

The Le Sueur River Capture, Angela Isackson, Jon Lipinski, Tom Morton, and Chad Otto

The Nutritional Impact of Campus Kitchens, Erin Jaskulke and Mallory Zigan

The Slip-Casting Process and Recent Multi-Media Art, Art Johnson

Geochemical Assay of Natural and Anthropogenic Processes of a Large Prairie Pothole Lake, Benjamin J. Johnson

Morphological Differences in the Renal Vasculature of Hypertensive and Normal Rats, Dave Johnson, Jolene Smith, and Ken Willaert

Use of Mycobacterium Smegmatis to Express a Recombinant Mycobacterial Protein, Robert Johnson

Analysis of Pit Features from the Silvernale Site, Joel Juen

Costs of Implementing Open-Source Software, Timothy Juliar

Analysis of the Nicollet County Law Enforcement, Court Services and Community Corrections Revenue and Expenditures: A Five Year Review, Cheryl Kaberle and Virginia Neal

Are Women Getting the Lowest Price? Women's Access to Low Cost Birth Control Pills in Minnesota, Julie Kent

High Schoolers and Their Women: An Analysis of Contemporary Literature Courses at Mankato High Schools, Caroline Kessler and Amy Williams

The Effects of Drought and Temperature Stress on the Competitive Interactions of Smooth Brome (Bromus inermis Leyss.) and Little Bluestem (Schizachyrim scoparium Michx.), Christopher D. Kniffen

Are European Journals More Likely to Publish Positive CAM Trials than American Journals?, Kayla L. Knudsen

Japan and the U.S.: Two Free Nations, Two Versions of Free Press, Eliza Koch

From Mao to Hoover: A Rhetorical Analysis of the 2005 Minneapolis Public Library Ad Campaign, Emily Kofoed

Oxytocin: The Trust Hormone, Emily Kofoed

Identification of the Correlation Between Student Self-Efficacy And Final Course Percentage in a General Chemistry Course, Ian Lalich and Michelle Taylor

Opposition to Catholic Emancipation Within Great Britain, 1820-29, Daryl R. Lawrence

The Basis of Self and Other in Gender Constructed Identity, Julie L. Lemley

Effects of Thermal Boundary Conditions During Finite Element Modeling of Physical Vapor Transport, Wade Luhman

Men Teaching Men: Peer to Peer Violence Prevention in University Residential Halls, Christal Lustig

Qualitative Case Study of a Person Living with Asperger's Syndrome and Parental Experience, Kirsten Markiewicz and Maria Jensen

Finite State Grammar Representations of a Military Communications Task for Use in Automatic Speech Recognition, Ivan Marte, Tung Pham, and Alex Thom

Determination of Genetic Diversity of River Otter Populations in Minnesota, Sunnie McCalla

Airline Bankruptcy: The Abuse & Misuse of Bankruptcy Laws, Dan Menke

Community Assistance for Refugees and Gender Roles: What Could Make this C.A.R. Run Better?, Nathan E. Meyer

Sarbanes-Oxley, the Perceived Fairness of New Penalties Under Sarbanes Oxley, Ross Milbrett

Study of Poverty Distribution in the Twin Cities Metro Area Using GIS, Je Moua

Sarbanes-Oxley, Investigating the Perceived Knowledge and Effectiveness of Financial Statement Fraud Penalties, Kirk Overaas

2006 Formula SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Racecar Competition, Kayle Pauling, Eric Newman, and John Kellander

National Security Agency Wiretapping of U.S. Citizens During the Bush Presidency, Tim Peterson

Converting Finite State Grammar Representations from XML to SLS Format for Use in Multiple Speech Recognition Systems, Tung Pham

Graduate Assistant Mistreatment: Students or Employees?, Joshua Randall

The Miracle on Ice: One Game That Impacted a Nation, Joshua Randall

Is It Really All About the Money: Motivating Employees in the 21st Century, Joshua Randall, Stacy Novotny, and Seth Larson

An Investigation of Student Perspectives on Classroom Resource Usefulness, Joshua Randall and Lindsey Thompson

Investigation of the Magnetic Properties of Strongly Correlated and Hybridized Electron Systems, Eric Raymer

The Use of Paralinguistics in Spontaneous Speech of Children with Williams Syndrome and Typically Developing Children, Kelly Ritter, Evan Panitzke, and Emily Kruse

Effect of Conditioned Medium on the Recovery of Dormant Mycobacteria in Culture, Kelly E. Rock

Supreme Court's Error in 2002 Decision Makes for Unconstitutional Monetary Giveaway, Bailey Breck Rolfsrud

Implementation of a Segmented, Transactional Database Caching System, Benjamin J. Sandmann

A Study of Steroid Use in Sports, Terra Sandquist, Ashley Jay, Dan Krause, and Sara Halveson

Determination of Protein Expression in Transgenic Mice, Melissa Serreyn

Photographic Alternative Processes: An Exploration of Digital and Film Based Photography, Samantha Severson

Conical Helical Antenna, Sumit Shrestha

Utopian Literature, Lisa Sikkink

Nitrogen and Noble Gas Content in Solar Wind Samples from the Genesis Spacecraft, Jacob Simones

An Investigation into Human Decomposition in a Cold Climate Region: A Winter Ecosystem Effects on Postmortem Interval Estimates, Lecia Sims

Shirin Neshat Project, Molly Spartz

Offspring Effects of Impaired Aldosterone Secretion During Pregnancy in the Spontaneously Hypertensive Rat (SHR), Benjamin Sticha and Lauren Haverstock

Sarbanes-Oxley Act - Section 404 Compliance And Review Assessment, Nida Sumar

Embedded Real Time Operating System for Pain Research, Corey Thibeault

Value in Individuals with Early Stage Alzheimers Disease, Lindsey A. Thisius

Comparisons of Language Network Representations for a Constrained Vocabulary Speech Recognition Task Using Commercially Available Software, Alex Thom and Ivan Marte

The Pseudo-Event of Charitable Work: Uncovering Wal-Mart's Hidden Agenda, Lindsey Thompson

So, What Are You Going to Do with That? A Look at Activism in the Lives of Women's Studies Students and Graduates., Kristen A. Trippe

Effects of Cryo-Destruction on 11β-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase Expression in Hypertensive Rats, Eminimoh Udomah


2006 Abstract Booklet, Undergraduate Research Center, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Anti-Machine Breaking Propaganda in Early Nineteenth-Century England, Rebecca Unetic

Bridging the Gap: Bringing Printmaking into the Visual Arts Curriculum, Breanne Urban

Self-Examination of Elders Who Have Transitioned into an Assisted-Living Facility: A Pilot Study, Becca Van Otterloo, Katie Griep, and Katie Hall

Simple Formulations of Thermodynamic Properties, Christopher Wagner

Men Teaching Men: Peer to Peer Violence Prevention in Campus Ministry, Philip Cruise Warren

Screening of Water for Fecal Contamination Using Human Fecal Anaerobe DNA as an Indicator, Lakmini Weeramantri and Masahiro Kakizaki