At Minnesota State University, Mankato, every graduate student completes a capstone for their program. Most programs include a thesis/dissertation or alternative plan paper (APP) option, but many programs provide other capstone opportunities. This page separates the various graduate student works into their respective programs.

Beginning in 2009, graduate students at Minnesota State University, Mankato could elect to have their alternative plan paper, thesis, dissertation or other capstone project made available online through a digital collection platform provided by Library Services. In 2014, these electronic submissions or ETDs were transferred into the Theses, Dissertations, and Other Capstone Projects collection in Cornerstone, the University's new institutional repository.

The development of this collection is ongoing as graduate students continue to elect to provide digital copies of their graduate theses, dissertations or other capstone projects to Cornerstone. If you are a former Minnesota State University, Mankato graduate student and wish to include your work in Cornerstone, please contact us .


Browse the Graduate Works by Program Collections:

Aging Studies Alternative Plan Papers

Aging Studies Theses

Anthropology Alternative Plan Papers

Applied Anthropology Theses

Applied Statistics Theses

Art Theses

Automotive Engineering Technology Theses

Biology Capstone Projects

Biology Education Theses

Biology Theses

Clinical Psychology Alternative Plan Papers

Clinical Psychology Theses

Communication Disorders Theses

Communication & Media Theses

Communication Studies Alternative Plan Papers

Communication Studies Internship Reports

Communication Studies Theses

Community Health Education Alternative Plan Papers

Community Health Education Theses

Corrections Theses

Counseling and Student Personnel Theses

Counselor Education and Supervision Dissertations

Creative Writing Theses

Cross-Disciplinary Studies Alternative Plan Papers

Cross-Disciplinary Studies Theses

Data Science Alternative Plan Papers

Data Science Theses

Educational Leadership Dissertations

Educational Leadership Theses

Electrical Engineering Theses

Elementary and Early Childhood Education Alternative Plan Papers

Elementary and Literacy Education Capstones

Elementary and Literacy Education Theses

English Studies Alternative Plan Papers

English Studies Theses

Environmental Science Theses

Ethnic Studies Alternative Plan Papers

Ethnic Studies Theses

Experiential Education Alternative Plan Papers

Experiential Education Theses

Forensics Theses

French Theses

Gender and Women's Studies Alternative Plan Papers

Gender and Women's Studies Theses

Geography Alternative Plan Papers

Geography Theses

History Alternative Plan Papers

History Graduate Certificate Portfolios

History Theses

Human Performance Theses

Human Services Planning and Administration Alternative Plan Papers

Human Services Planning and Administration Theses

Industrial/Organizational Psychology Theses

Information Technology Alternative Plan Papers

Information Technology Theses

K-12 and Secondary Programs Alternative Plan Papers

K-12 and Secondary Programs Theses

Manufacturing Engineering Technology Alternative Plan Papers

Manufacturing Engineering Technology Theses

Master of Social Work Student Policy Advocacy Briefs

Mathematics and Statistics Alternative Plan Papers

Mathematics Theses

Mechanical Engineering Alternative Plan Papers

Mechanical Engineering Theses

Music Theses

Nursing Alternative Plan Papers

Nursing Theses

Physics Theses

School Health Education Theses

School Psychology Dissertations

Social Work Capstone Projects

Sociology Alternative Plan Papers

Sociology Theses

Spanish Alternative Plan Papers

Spanish Theses

Technical Communication Alternative Plan Papers

Technical Communication Capstone Course

Technical Communication Theses

TESL Alternative Plan Papers

TESL Theses

Theater Arts Theses

Urban and Regional Studies Theses

Wellness Coaching and Disease Prevention Theses