Theses/Dissertations from 2009


Social Work Involvement in Supporting Survivors of an Unexpected Death in an Emergency Department, Jennifer E. Buchanan

School Connectedness and Drug Use, Sarah Burnham

Comparing the Potential Cellulosic Ethanol Production of Five Prairie Grasses, Alex Cahlander-Mooers and Janet Wood

Quantifying the Immunoreactivity of Polyclonal IGG and IGY, Tizazu Cheritu and Ben Weingartz

Comfort Women, Intersectionality and the Importance of Women's Voices, Miho Chisake

Identity Theft: The Growing Problem Amongst MSU College Students, Kevin Clark, Matthew Dulany, and Lindsey Rague

The Virginal Archetype: Female Representation in the Slasher Film, Shannon Claybaugh


Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Programs in the School Setting for Grades 7-12, Jennifer Crawford

Design, Construction, and Testing of the 2009 Formula SAE Chassis, Eric Crear and Kris Rysavy

Assessing Patients' Risk for Diabetes and Its Relationship to Gingival Disease, Nicole A. DeCourcy

Effects of pH on Lead Shot Solubility in Water and Sediment in Upstream and Downstream Locations from a Hunting Preserve in Minnesota, Michael DeMars, Cory Denzer, Roland Pavek, and Alison Vikla

"Doubly Disadvantaged?"; The Presidential Candidacy of Shirley Chisholm, Andrea Diekman

"Doubly Disadvantaged?": The Presidential Candidacy of Shirley Chisholm, Andrea Diekman

Needs Assessment of an ICF/MR Facility in Rural Minnesota, Amber Diekmann

The Effect of Reduced Aldosterone Levels on 11β-HSD Isoform Expression in Normal and Hypertensive Rat Kidney Tissue Using q-PCR, Kristina Dittrich and Linet Nyarobi

Three Dimensional Transient Asymmetric Flowflelds in Physical Vapor Transport, Joseph L. Dobmeier

Online Anti-Choice Rhetoric: A New Generation, the Same Old Deception., Emily Dolentz

Transition Services for Youth: Are the Services Working?, Ilhan Duale

Elderly Attitudes Toward Exercise, Kari Ek

Command Types in the Coach-Athlete Relationship, Kari Ek and Charlotte Hoffmann

Cross-Cultural Survey of Rewards: Differences in Levels of Reinforcement Between Adolescents from the United States, Australia, Tanzania, Denmark, and Honduras, Kari Ek and Kendra Homan

Comparison of Nutrients, pH and Total Suspended Solids in Snow Melt from North and South Facing Slopes in the San Juan Mountain Range of Colorado, Jake Engelman and Wes Gardner

Confirmation of the Polyglutamine Protein KIAA1946's Intracellular Localization., Esther Erosmosele and Megan Fischer

Effects of Adultism on Youth in Social Movements, Megan P. Evans Martinson


Bring Mental Health Services Home: Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Adolescents and Their Families in Rural Minnesota, Laura Filzen


Minnesota State University Mankato Counseling Center: Needs Assessment Survey of College Student Parents, Katherine S. Fitzkappes

Testing a New Cultural Priming Effect on Self Perception and Spatial Perception, Miwako Fjuikata

Vasculature Regeneration Following Partial Hepatectomy in the Rat, Brittany Frank and Sarah Karalus

Allele-Specific PGR and SSCP Analysis of ABO Variants, Yohani K G V Gamage

Youth Aging out of Foster Care: Utilizing College Funding Programs Among a Rural Community in Minnesota, Shanelle Garbutt

Consequences for Smoking in a State Treatment Facility, Meredith Gegeman

Modeling the Effects of Environmental Influences on the Phenotypic Plasticity of the Tiger Salamander, Ashley Geiger and Monica Ngeno

The Role of Culture in Context Sensitivity and Social Anxiety, Jaclyn R. Gile

Gender, Class and Globalization: A Historical Analysis of Sweatshops in China and Mexico., Ann Goldsbury


Summer Youth Housing Career Camp, Carol Goodemann

Effect of Lowered Aldosterone Levels on the Expression of Mineralocorticoid Receptors in Normal and Hypertensive Rat Kidneys, Martina Gray

The Impact of an After School Program on Motivation, Performance, and Attendance, Melissa Grèce

Identifying the Specific DNA Sequence that is the Target for Potential Anti-Cancer Agent "SOS", Elizabeth M. Gripentrog


Effective Truancy Prevention Models, Nicole K. Hachfeld

The Nutrition Care Process in a Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, Kirsta Hagert, Vanessa Steffl, and Stephanie Engst

Analysis of the Legal Responsibilities of Peers in Alcohol Related Injuries or Deaths., Derek Hahn, Derek Myvold, Elena Shrestha, David Reeb, Grace Lee, and David Smith


Impact of Imagine Educational Program on Conflict Resolution on the Program Participants, Nargiz Hajiyeva

Domestic Violence in Relationships, Amber Hansen

On Sign-Solvable Linear Systems and Their Applications in Economics, Eric Hansen

Bach Flower Essence Extraction and Identification of Mimulus Extracts, Zane Hauck

Intracellular Localization of the Novel Polyglutamine Protein KIAA1946, Daniel L. Haus

Impact of Text Messaging on Communication, Heidi Hemmer

Selected Language Skills of Individuals with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, Ellen M. Henkelman

The Cost-Effectiveness of Providing Transportation, Samantha Henrich

You Have Been Falsely Accused of Sexual Harassment, Now What? The Top 10 Things to Consider, Anna Holst, Adam Vortherms, Amanda Wise, Anthony Untiedt, Angela Larson, and Adam Mikelson

Out of Home Placement and the Impact of Family Group Decision Making, Jessi Hornick

Through the Layers of Encaustic Skin: Fusing Print and Paint, Gina Hunt

General Contractors' Awareness and Participation in Sustainable Construction Practices, Awale Hussein, Mike Franks, and Shirley Hu


The Increase in Renal Sodium Excretion in Response to Angiotensin II Infusion in Exercised Female Rats is Dependent on a Rise in Renal Perfusion Pressure, Karmon Janssen


Fernbrook Family Center, Inc. Need Identification and Training, Catherine R. Johanneck

Selected Language Skills of Individuals with Fragile X Syndrome, Joelle Johanson

Perceptions of Female Elite Athletes Posing Semi-Nude or Nude, Alicia J. Johnson

Choosing Between Parametric and Non-Parametric Tests, Russ Johnson

What is the Purpose of a Street Outreach Program and How Will it Benefit Lutheran Social Service of Mankato, Minnesota?, Rachel Johnston


Pilot Test of a Quality Rating and Improvement System in Early Education Programs in Magadan, Russian Federation and in Minnesota, United States of America, Vera Grigoryevna Kashin

Purification of Isoform Specific Actin Capping Protein Antibodies and Immunofluorescent Studies, Jenna Kastenschmidt

Analysis of Underage Alcohol Consumption in Blue Earth County, Ann Kincaid, Andrea Bauer, Brooke Woitas, Tony Muchow, Amanda Ulfers, and Alison Buhler

The Relationship Between Women of Third World Countries and the Environment, the Overlap of Oppression and the Role Ecofeminism is Playing, Melissa Kjolsing

Cluster B Personality Disorders Separated by Gender Expectations, Brianna Kloss

Exploring the Potential Reaction Between DNA and 5-HydroxymethyIfurfural, Teddy Kobingi

HIV Support Group Needs Assessment, Jennifer Kolstad

Evaluation of Pretreatment Methods in the Production of Ethanol from Cattail Leaves, Kristen Krahmer and Elijah N. Wreh

Identification of a Reaction By-Product in the Synthesis of Tetradecylchloride., Chad Kratochwill

The Influence of Participation in an Aerobic Conditioning Class in College-Aged Students, BreAnna Kruger and Amanda Trost

The Impacts of Restored Wetlands and Ravines on Water Quality within the Seven Mile Creek Watershed in South Central Minnesota, Caitlin Langer

Tina Key's Parody of Sarah Palin, April M. Larson


Minnesota Health Care Programs: Renville County Human Servics Outreach Project, Bethany Leindecker

A New Look at Nonprofit Online Fundraising: Persuasion Through the Means of Credibility and Psychological Consistency, Kaytlin M. LeMier

The Effect of Red Bull Energy Drink on Attenuating Muscular Fatigue Following Heavy Exercise, Amanda Lipetzky

An Exploratory Study of Hiring Difficulties Among Rural Social Service Staff in Minnesota., Renee A. Lips

The Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Plant: Nuclear Racism or Business as Usual?, Melissa Lorentz

Investigating Porcelain, Dennis Loucks

Employment Background Checks, Eric Lucker, Brianne Sorensen, Christopher Swol, Brittanie Schafer, and Eric Nagel


The Importance of Worksite Supervisors in At-Risk Youths' Lives, Laura Luna

Where Are They Now? Caretakers Affect on Children Who Have Been Placed in Foster Care, Relative Care, or in Adoptive Homes, Crysta Lynch

Reflections on the Conduct of Research with Human Subjects Across Two Cultures, Kimberly M. Maas

Large Scale Paintings, Amy Magnuson

Fluid Movement Through the Mesabi Iron Range, Minnesota, Kyle Makovsky

Analysis of Pronunciation Variation and Linguistic Structure Using Decision Trees, Tatyana V. Mamchuk

Attributions of Team Performance in a Dispersed Environment, Jennifer Mans and Daniel Regnier

Activation of Behavioral Trait Inferences: Impression Formation in the Reading Process, Samuel Martin

Adolescents in Drug and Alcohol Treatment: Do They Gain Knowledge on Addiction?, Sara Martin

Griots: Transformations in Young Woman of Color, Donna McGhee-Weaver

Cross-Cultural Understanding of Philosophies of Pre-Service Teachers, Katelyn McMahon, Anastasiya Horeva, and Katie Robb

Determination of the Mechanism Through Which Activated Charcoal Amendment of Soils Impacts Soil Microbial Community Catabolic Activity, Adam Mely

Lesbian Oppression and Love - Historically and Globally, Erin Meyer

Mathematical Modeling of Tick-Borne Encephalitis in Humans, Michael Meyer, Amanda Kriesel, and Geoffrey Peterson

Will the Olympics Impact an Individual's Sense of Nationalism as Well as Attitudes Towards the Host Country?, Hassan Mohamed, Samatha Madhavarapu, and Cory Vaske


Increasing Referrals for Services through Collaboration with Community Agencies, Benjamin Mohr

Experiential Learning and Small Group Dynamics: Working with the Genocide Intervention Network, Krista Monson

Gender Responses to Advertising Content in Male vs. Female Magazines, Jessica M. Morales and Heidi C. Doerr

Completing the Triangle: Alcohol Attitudes and Risk-Taking Behavior, Christina Murphy and Danielle Polzin

Determining Genetic and Clonal Diversity of Typha spp. Using Microsatellites Markers, Monica J. Ngeno

Investigating the Role that Compounds in Vanilla and Cinnamon Play in Preventing Cancer, Vy T. Nguyen

Barriers That Children Experience in Being Placed in Adoptive Homes, Julie Nielsen