Events from 2008

Analysis of an Electronic Valve Diesel Engine, Jeremy Brandt

High Mileage Commuter Vehicle Project, Reed Brown, Quinten Kovanen, William Wegner, and Dan Willeart

The Tarot: History and Execution, Andrea Brummund

Assessing the Campus Climate at Minnesota State University, Mankato (MSU), Alicia Brush

Characterization of Fall Leaves as a Source of Cellulosic Ethanol, Justin Burum

Reconciling the Past in Minnesota: The Mankato Hanging Monument and the Duluth Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial, Jay C. Busby

Optimizing the Expression of Foreign Genes in Mycobacterium smegmatis, Ben Casey

Microvascular Structure of the Rat Heart, Laurie Colson, Charalette Mathwig, and Cheryl Thompson

E20 Materials Compatibility on Elastomers, Chris Connors

Redefining the Victim: Domestic Violence Shelters for Different Genders, Erin Crabtree

Identification and Stability of Cadmium-Fluoroquinolone Antibiotic Complexes in the Presence and Absence of Clay Minerals, Aaron L. Danberry

Re-Emerging Pietism: The Emerging Church as Postmodern Pietism, Tysen Dauer

Unstressed Corticosterone Levels of Male Rats with Surgically Induced Low Aldosterone Levels, Jillian Deets

Sex, Gender, and IT: The Lasting Effects of Gender Bias in Information Technology Customer Service, David Domask

Cross Cultural Adolescent Reinforcers, Kari Ek

TBI: One Child's Road, Amber Elliott

Self and Emotional Experience: A Study of Socially Engaging and Disengaging Emotions and Their Relation to the Self Using Explicit and Implicit Measures, Dan Ellis

Trends and Volatility: Measuring the Housing Market Using the GARCH Model, Jonathon Euerle

Analysis of Potential Chemical Reactivity's Between Selected O-T-C and Commonly Prescribed Drugs, Lindsey Faulks

Bacillus cereus and its Resistance to the Antimicrobial, Nisin, Kristy Felske

A Comparison Among Three Sampling Methods to Calculate Biotic Integrity in the Greater Blue Earth River Basin, James H. Fett

Priming the Bicultural Mind, Miwako Fjuikata

Vasculature Regeneration Following Partial Hepatectomy in the Rat, Brittany Frank and Sarah Karalus

Comparison of a:Si and c:Si Photovoltaic Cells in Southern Minnesota, Robert Freiderich

Restroom Politics, Brad Freihoefer

Extraction and Identification of Compounds in Bitter Leaf (Vernonia Amygdalina), Leonard Che Fru

Ultraviolet Radiation Screening Effectiveness of Three Coniferous Tree Species During Spring Thaw Events in Southern Minnesota, Daniel M. Gardner and Christopher M. Gardner

Isomorphous Replacement Ca by Rare-Earth Elements in Structure of Vanadate Apatite, Susan Gerbensky

Rates of Slope Erosion Near the New Sears Dormitory on the Campus of Minnesota State University, Mankato, Neil Gessner, Dan Krumwiede, and Dan O'Connor

A Lover's Spat: Utilizing Richard Weaver's Topics to Analyze the Debate in Book IX of Paradise Lost, Nicole Goebel

Parents as Students: Assessing the Childcare Needs of Nontraditional Students at Minnesota State University, Mankato, Nicole Goebel, Benjamin Heath, Andria Monnens, and Nicholas Rice

A Qualitative Study of the Impact of Down Syndrome on Personal and Family Life, Allison Greene

Swarm Robotics and Java-based Development Tools, J.C. Grooms, Brian McMahon, Brighton Peterson, and Joshua Vander Hook

Individual Experiences and Subjective Effects of Salvia Divinorum Among Recreational Users, Laura E. Grubbs

Pushing the Limits of Clay: Sculpting with Ceramic Glaze, Chad Gunderson

Getting Different Global Perspectives Through Newspaper, Eva Guthrie

Confidence in College Athletes, Kimberly Halpin

Winter Decomposition Rate of Submerged Bodies in Cold Weather Climates, Jason Hamond

Personality and Attitude Measures: The Differences (and Lack Thereof) Between Marijuana Users, Psychedelic Users and Abstainers, Rachel D. Hanson

College Women's Sexual Fantasies, Elizabeth Harders

Develop a Matlab Based Mode Solver for Asymmetric Nano-Scale Void Slab Slot Waveguides., Murtaza Hathiwala, Abidhussein Esmail, and Gayan Wijeratne

Effect of Normal Polyglutamine Polymorphism on Huntington Disease Protein Function, Daniel L. Haus

Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) Plug-In Hybrid, Christopher Henney, Garett Soukup, and Sean Wimer

Occupational Values, Amber Herbst

The Role of School Nurses Regarding Mental Health for School Aged Children, Angela Herrig

The Role of School Nurses Regarding Mental Health for School Aged Children, Angela Herrig

Cortical Evidence of Misperception, Samuel Hickman

Automatic Analysis of Speech Prosody of Adolescents with Williams Syndrome and Their Typically Developing Peers, Isaiah Houdek and Tatyana Mamchuk

Small Engine Dynamometer and E85 conversion, Brian Hovey, Ethan Schauer, Matt Schmidt, and Jon Slater

Screening for the Presence of a Transgene in Genetically Altered Mice, Der-How Huang and Brad Skrukrud

Design, Construction, and Testing of the 2008 FSAE Car Chassis, Michael Hubert and Adam Barber

Amer, AI-Ani, and Tuggar: Reconstructing the Construction of Contemporary Islamic Identity, Gina Hunt

Deconstructing the Slut: Contemporary Definitions of Female Sexuality Amongst Midwestern College Students, Stacy Huntington

Prevalence, Attitude, and Knowledge of College Students at Minnesota State University, Mankato Regarding Oral Piercings, Kayla Janssen

Cloning and Initial Functional Characterization of Unknown Gene KIAA1946., Kyle Jensen

The Effect of Maternal Aldosterone Levels on the Expression of 11B-HSD Isoenzymes in Normal and Hypertensive Rat Placentae, Nicole L. Jorissen, Theresa Salerno, and James E. Rife

MSU Students' Attitudes and Beliefs towards Vaccinating Youth Against Human Papillomavirus, Kathryn Kamerud

Histological Analysis of Myocardium of Genetically Altered Mice, Joshua Kamrud

Development of a Quick SSCP Method to Detect the Common O Variant Alleles, Kul Karanjeet and Casey Malone

Generation of Rabbit and Chicken Polyclonal Antibodies, Jenna Kastenschmidt

Betty Crocker and the Changing Role of the Homemaker, Britt Katuin

Testing for an Allelopathic Interaction Between Typha latifolia and Typha x. glauca, Kayla Kiecker and Janet Wood

Systemic Racism of the UNICEF Germany's Ads Depicting Children in Blackface, April M. Larson

Future Teacher's Perceptions of Treatment for Challenging Behavior in Autism, Renee Lee

Relationship Between Athletes and Role Models, Kaytlin M. LeMier

Paper to Floor: Linking Space to Movement Through Printmaking and Dance, Staci Lipps (Presenter and Dancer), Nicole Curry (Dancer), Danielle Friedman (Dancer), Kaitlin Johnson (Dancer), and Kelsey McGowan (Dancer)

Sexual Assault Services for People with Disabilities, Angela Losasso

The Effect of Chronic Exercise on Vascular and Kidney Responses to Angiotensin II in the Wistar Kyoto rat (WKY), Brian Lovig

A Comparative Approach to Understanding the Determinants of Social Policy Retrenchment in the United Kingdom and Spain., Justine Ludwigson

Applied Cultural Anthropology and Economic Examination of Potential Mankato Area Marathon, Michael William Luoma

Narratives from the Former Soviet Union to the United States, Kimberly Maas

Institutional Arrangements Make the Difference: A Comparative Study of Health Care Policy and Provision in the Netherlands and France, Nathan J. Madden

The Effect of Corrosion and Cracks on the Safety of Steel Bridges, Christopher M. Marr

Formulation of an X- Ray Opaque Polyurethane Material for Vascular Studies, Charalette Mathwig

Personal Use Policies, William Meyer

Portrayals of Masculinity in Contemporary Romantic Vampire Literature, Amanda Miller

Effects of Impaired Aldosterone Secretion on Hypertension Development in the Spontaneously Hypertensive Rat (SHR)., Erica Moore

The Effects of Positive Peer Pressure Among Adolescent Girls: Academic Achievement Motivation and School Engagement, Megan Lynn Moran

Examination and Comparison of Modern Teaching Methods, Megan Munneke and Mary Hadley

Coding of Emotions and Logic When Making Decisions, Cassie Nieman and Emily Jax

Impact of Combining Traditional Printmaking with Contemporary Digital Print, Harumi Okoshi

Bringing a Van de Graaff Accelerator to Life, Olivia Rose Oliver, Scott Alexander Clarke, Arbin Timilsina, and John Clymer

Printing Three-Dimensionally: Merging Printmaking and Sculpture, Matthew J. Olson

Identifying Differences Across Computer Users, Casey E. Painter

lmmunofluorescent Analysis of Actin Expression in Genetically Modified vs. Wildtype Murine Ocular Muscle, Aaron C. Peck

Camper Council: A Meaningful Involvement Initiative, Amanda Penning

Does It Matter That Sleeping Beauty Waited for the Prince to Come? Virtues Highlighted in French Fairy Tales, Elisha I. Peterson

Assessment of Women's Presence in International Relations Discourse, Laura Pinilla

A Cross-Cultural Study Between Japan and the United States Examining How Culture Influences What Categories of Emotions Are Valued., Julie Poyzer

Airplane Landing Performance on Contaminated Runways and Adverse Conditions, Saroj Pradhan, Rajeev Shakya, and Juna Shrestha

Identification of SNPs in the Coding Region of Human mtDNA, Cassidy Punt and Elizabeth Smalley

The Relationship Between the Strength and Fatigability of the Back Extensors and the Flexibility of the Hamstrings and Hip Flexors, David Quammen

The Effect of Aerobic Conditioning Versus Resistance Training on Resting Metabolic Rate, Rachael L. Quast and Patrick B. Wilson

Testing the Validity of the Logistic Link Function in Lung Cancer Data, Harrison Quick

Cigarette Advertisements in the MSU Reporter, Ali Ramsey

Aperiodic Tilings: The Relationship between Spectrum and "Bubbles", Ashely Rand

Characterization of Proteins that Interact with the Alpha Subunit of Actin Capping Protein, Ryan Raver

Does Chronic Dieting Lower Resting Energy Expenditure Below That Estimated by Predictive Equations Thereby Increasing an Individuals Risk for Becoming Overweight or Obese, Elizabeth Retzlaff and Lynsey Wetzler

Ms., Mrs., Mr.: Gendered Language in Wedding Invitations, Tavis Riederer

How Guided Inquiry Classes Affect Student's Learning Chemistry, Brendan Roggow