Events from 2008

Absence of Presence, Lindsay Roth

Health Behaviors of Somali Families, Amina Salim

Understanding Attitudes Toward Drug Use, Erin Salonek

Examining the Relationship Between Perfection, Control and Anxiety, Katey Scheller

Binding of Topical Skin Preparations to Skin, Kassandra Schleis

Comparison of the Efficacy of Verbal and Pictorial Priming in the United States and Japan, Whitney Mone't Schmidt

The Absolute Magnitude Distribution of F-Turnoff Stars, Jacob Simones

Explosive and Rapid Decompression in Aircraft Cabins, Matthew Simones

The Effects of Potamogeton crispus Senescence on Zooplankton Populations and Planktivorous Fish Diets in Shallow Southern Minnesota Lakes, Anthony Sindt

Masculinity In Maxim Magazine, Nicole Smith

Improved Storm Data Processing Through Parallel Computing Approaches, Shauna Smith

Self Defense Classes: Teaching Women to Submit, Jessica Soebbing

The Man Behind the Dress, Zeke Sorenson

Effective Motivational Techniques That Successful Leaders Use in an Organization, Justin K. Spio

Determinants of Traffic Fatalities in the U.S., Hanna Stapleton

Qualitative Research of Selected Language Skills of Twin Boys with Autism, Ann Stommer

Protein-Protein Interactions of the J31 and J32 Forms of Actin Capping Protein, Kevin Y. E. Strehler

Protein-Protein Interactions of the β1 and β2 Forms of Actin Capping Protein, Kevin Y. E. Strehler

Nutrition Education for Weight Control Programs for Children 6-12 Years Old., Heather Stueven and Brenna Waack

Characterization of Peripheral Neurovascular Capillary Structure, Adam W. Sudbeck and Michael W. Witthaus

Turbocharged E85 Engine Project, Tadd Swanlund, Thad Olson, and Tim Welch

Political Agendas in the Letters of Hildegard of Bingen, Anne Sweeney

Discovering the Structural Interactions Between Potential Anti-Cancer Agent NSC 652287 and Guanine, Mark Thompson

The Saqqa-khaneh School of the 1960s: Creating a National Iranian Art Identity, Marria Thompson

Asperger's Syndrome Qualitative Study, Alisa Titze

Here Comes the Bride: Analyzing Bridal Magazine Portrayals of American Brides, Erin Trytten

Breaking Social Confinement: An Analysis of Eighteenth-Century Women in the French Economy, Meghan B. Turok


2008 Abstract Booklet, Undergraduate Research Center, Minnesota State University, Mankato

History of the Minnesota State University, Mankato Music Department, Rebecca Unetic

Performance Comparison of Two Processing Techniques for New and Used Multiplate Hester-Dendy Macroinvertebrate Samplers, Justin Valenty

College Students' Attitudes, Thoughts, and Beliefs Towards Marijuana Use, Kaley VanDenBerg

Considering Democracy "An 'Unrealistic' Alternative": The Results of The 1954 American Intervention In Guatemala, Mark Viskocil

The Significance of Red Ochre Found on Skeletal Remains Excavated at the Helget Site (21 BW82), Brown County, MN, Marcy Voelker

College Binge Drinking Advertisements and the Perpetuation of Gender Stereotypes, Stephanie Wager

Examination of Mycobacterium avium Subspecies Paratuberculosis for the Formation of Organic Films in Culture, Cody Waisanen

When I Grow Up to Be a Man: Masculinity and the Education of French Aristocratic Boys During the Early Modern Period, Amy Waller

Spectral Properties of a Class of Bipartite Graphs, Brendon Watts

Design, Construction, and Testing of the 2008 FSAE Cars Engine, Dustin Wayne and Charles Meyers

Instrumentation to Monitor Bridge Foundation on the Crosstown Project, Brian Welch

The Effect of Activated Charcoal on Soil Microbial Communities in Symbiotic Relationships with Invasive Plant Species, Nisajith N. P. Welikadage

Fear of Independence Stereotypes of People with Intellectual Disabilities in Film, Amanda Wilcox

RNA Silencing of Novel Gene Required For B Cell Development, Michael Witthaus

The Comparison of Placental mRNA Expression of 11β-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenases, Chihiro Yagi and Saadia Ranginwala

Events from 2007

Does Maternal Aldosterone Regulate Placental 11-Beta Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase Expression in Rats?, Emmanuel Achu and Justin Rocheleau

An Analysis of Recovery from Abuse in Two Women's Autobiographies, Ashely Angerhofer

Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle Analysis, Christopher Bahn, Eric Esselman, Nate Starkson, and Jacob Wilson

Renewable Energy in Minnesota, Brandon Ball, Drew Boland, Tess Christensen, and Joanna Fries

Constructing a Small Engine Dynamometer, Cory Barwald, Tony Dick, Brandon Kraemer, Branden Loesch, and Dan Prihoda

Synthesis of 5-[5-(5-Formyi-2-thienyI)-2-furyl]-2-thiophenecarbaIdehyde, Joseph P. Bequette

This Modern Life, Kelly Biers and Dodie Miller

Effects of Cattail and Bulrush Root Extracted with 4 Four Different Solvents on the Germination and Growth of Lettuce Seeds, Jessica Biever

This Modern Life, Amanda Bingham

Effects of Implicit vs. Explicit Encoding Instructions for a Recall Task of Brain Structures., Tom Bomberg and Nathan Gilow

The Effect of Chronic Exercise on Vascular and Kidney Responses in the Spontaneously Hypertensive and WKY Rat, Cassandra M. Borg

Dignified Aloofness: Canada's Failed Bid to Join the Pan American Union, Gregory Boubel

Analysis of an E-85 Two-Stroke Seml-Dlrect Injected Snowmobile, Aaron Bowen and Stuart Boyd

Five Social Problems Originating from the French & British Fur Trade as Expressed in the Dakota of Minnesota, Jeff Brand

Selected Language Skills of an Individual with Asperger's Syndrome: A Qualitative Case Study, Elizabeth Briggs

The Effects of Divorce and Its Associated Stressors on Children and Adolescence, Aaron Brownlee

The Morphological Changes in the Intestine of the Earthworm (Eisenia Foetida) After Treatment of Antibiotics, Alicia Brueske and Emma Boyce

Distribution of Macroinvertebrate Populations Between Side-by-Side Drainage Basins with One Being a Channelized Judicial Ditch and the Other a More Meandering Stream, Tom Burg and Lynn Schultz

Work and Leisure Attitudes - "Sunday Night Blues", Vesna Champagne

Porn and Feminism in a New Light, Elizabeth Cody

Effects of Using Spanish-Speaking Staff to Adapt Home Visits on the Language and Literacy Development of Spanish-Speaking Children, Clarin Collins and Yessica Bonfil

Fingerprint Pore Structure in the Monkey, Laurie Colson

Selected Language Skills of a Child with a Hearing Impairment, Carissa Coons

Music Compiler: An Exercise in the Use of Coroutines, Samuel Crow

Fiuoroquinalone Antibiotics and Cadmium Mobilities in Soil Environments, Aaron L. Danberry

Christian Influence on Roman Law Pertaining To Judaism, Skye A. Dauer

Classical Philology Gone Wild! The use of Classical Texts in the Film All Quiet on the Western Front, Tysen D. Dauer

Immunolocailzatlon of Actin inTransgenic and Wildtype Murine Myocardium, Jacob T. Davis and Meghan Bohland

E20 Effects on Automotive Fuel Pumps, Thomas Devens, Nathan Hanson, Adam Larson, and Colin Rohde

Listen, Can You HearTheir Voices?: Analysis of the Representation of Women in the St. James (Minnesota) High School Curriculum, Sharon Dexheimer

Gas Washing Analysis: Revealing Profitable Oil Reserves, Andrew Dickinson

Fluid Properties In the Formation of High-Grade Iron Ore in Northern Minnesota, Elizabeth A. Drommerhausen

Readability Levels of College Chemistry Textbooks from Introductory Chemistry to Physical Chemistry, Elizabeth A. Drommerhausen

Changes in Attitudes Towards the Situation or Changes in Attitudes Towards the Self? The Role of Cognitive Dissonance in Adjusting to Unpleasant Work Environments for Independent and Interdependent Selves, Daniel Ellis

Training and Learning Preferences of Older Workers, Katie Fairchild

Adherence of Earthworm Coelomic Cells, Kristy Felske and Julie Milbrett

School Psychology Practice and Job Satisfaction, Rebecca E. Fenicle

Comparison of Biotic Indices to Evaluate Stream Health of the Le Sueur River Basin, James Fett

Effect of Molecular Size on the Sorption of Hydrophobic Compounds with Dissolved Organic Matter, John Freiderich

Population, Oil Consumption, and Carrying Capacity, Robert E. Freiderich

Essentialism, Experience, and the Transsexual Reality, Brad Freihoefer

Creating a Responsible Media, Alyssa George

A Cause de son Infirmité: Disability at a Girl's Orphanage in Early-Modern Dijon, France, James Gillham

ATV Fuels and Emissions Research, Kurt Gostomczik, Martin Mogensen, and Fredrick Anderson

To Vote or Not to Vote: Influences on Young MSU Women Concerning the Decision to Vote, Gillian Gray

Reflections on Canvas: Caravaggio and the Development of Optical Style, Eleanor Rae Harper

Effects of Surgically Induced Low Aldosterone Levels on Growth and Cardiovascular Development in WKY Rats, Lauren Haverstock

The Rise of Benjamin Disraeli and the Passage of the Second Reform Act, Dustin B. Heckman

The Ups and Downs of Women, In Hollywood Films and American Life, Marcia Hewitt

Merging Glass with Ceramics, Casey R. Hochhalter

Payoff Transparency and Reward Desirability in the Prisoner's Dilemma, Jeff Holden

Development of a High Gain Double Spherical Helical Antenna for Wireless Communication, Rumman Kabir and Mohnish Tuladhar

How the 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley Act Affects Regional CPA Firms, Irina Kansakar, Kaitlyn Moll, and Krista Gillen

Creative Exploration of Alternative Photographic Process, Laura Klecker

This Modern Life, Nathan Klein and Dodie Miller

Wild Rice: National Food or Sacred Crop?, Nathan Kofstad, Andrea Laabs, Steven Loerzel, and Mark Mageskau

Analysis of Soil Microbial Communities in Young and Old Vascular Plants Ecosystems on the Antarctic Peninsula, Tammy Kolander