This is a collection of works authored by students at Minnesota State University, Mankato.


Portfolios from 2018


Omele Edeh Honors Portfolio, Omele Victoria Edeh

Lie Detection in Employment, Jessica Eul and John Walker


My Truth, My Telling: Experiences of Black Women Principals in a Poetry-themed Workshop on Race and Gender, Antonia Felix

Paper Insulation (Cellulose), Brock Fobbe

The Effect of Exercise on Neurogenesis and BDNF Levels in the Green Anole Lizard Brain, Caitlin Foley

Formula SAE Electric Powertrain, Samuel Ford, Storm Lenz, Mitch Boike, and Wichai Yang


The Directing of Melanie Marnich's These Shining Lives, Kristin Fox


Impact of Service Learning on the Inter-Cultural Competency of Pre-Service Teachers, Andrea Faye Gangoso-Aguila, Jonathon Arndt, Yuseina Brito-Lino, Chandler Gooding, Alyssa Harter, Sean O'Rourke, Amanda Rousemiller, David Edwards, and Tori Smith

Marianna Garcia, University of Texas at Austin, 2018 Dramatic Interpretation Event, Marianna Garcia


The Role of Exercise for Postpartum Depression and Well-being, Maria Gaz

Assessing and Improving Learning Strategies in the Typical MSU, Mankato Student to Increase Student Persistence and Retention in the Academy, Jacklyn Gehling and Rebecca Osborn


Transgender Individuals among an Online Adult Baby Diaper Lover Community Sample: An Exploratory Study, Elizabeth Gibson

MicroRNA Regulation of APOBEC3A and APOBEC3B, Katlyn Gieseke


Technical Direction of Little Women, The Musical, Matt Gilbertson

Ryan Gosling, William Carey University, Program Oral Interpretation Event, Ryan Gosling

Durwan Green, Western Kentucky University, 2018 Dramatic Interpretation Event, Durwan Green

Durwan Green, Western Kentucky University, 2018 Poetry Interpretation Event, Durwan Green


"It's Because You Are White": A Qualitative Study on the Impact of Whiteness and White Privilege in Interracial Relationships, Adrienne Gruenes

MSU-M Social Work Students' Perceptions of Sexual Assault Reporting, Elizabeth Guss


MSU-M Social Work Students' Perceptions of Sexual Assault Reporting, Elizabeth M. Guss


Elizabeth Guss Honors Portfolio, Elizabeth Marie Guss

The Effect of Living Abroad on the Beginning of Inter-Cultural Competency of Pre-Service Teachers, Elizabeth Hall and Mariah Adams


Evaluating Stigmatizing Attitudes among Clinicians Toward People with ABDL and Pedophilic Interests, Katlyn Hanson

Converting Dams to Produce Power, Jonathon Harrington


The Direction of Why Torture is Wrong, and the People Who Love Them, Donald Hart

Ackermann Testing, Christopher Harteau


"We Considered Ourselves a Team:" A View of Co-teaching from the Perspectives of Graduate Teaching Assistants and Students, Alyssa Harter


Isolation and Onboarding: Gender Bias in Aviation Training Documents, William Hart

Biocompatibility of Hydroxyapatite and Cobalt-Chrome Alloys, Mehedi Hasan, Bethany Haus, and Eryn Zuiker

Investigation of Maximum Operating Voltage of a Van de Graaff Accelerator, Oishik Hasan and Lukas Halberg


Improving Mathematical Skill: The Perceptions of Rural Minnesota Mathematics Educators, Michael Haskins

The Effects of Mandibular Orthopedic Re-Positioning Appliances on Resistance Training Performance in College-Aged Men, Michaela Hauer and Jason Hoerle

Self-Healing Concrete, Taylor Hedberg


The Experience of Microaggressions within Cross-Racial Videoconferencing Supervision: A Case Study, Jamie Hedin

Raul Herrera and Gordon Ip, University of Nebraska Omaha, 2018 Duo Interpretation Event, Raul Herrera and Gordon Ip

Does Chronic Dieting Lower Resting Energy Expenditure Below that Estimated by Predictive Equations, Thereby Increasing an Individual's Risk of Becoming Overweight or Obese?, Elizabeth Herrick, Brenna Oberg, and Elizabeth Rummel

Cellulose Insulation, Zachery Heyne


The Efficacy of Best Management Practices on Peak Discharge and Contaminant Loads in Agricultural Drainage Systems, Blue Earth River Watershed, South-Central Minnesota, USA, Zach Hilgendorf


Agricultural Intensification in the Midwest: Impacts on Regional Surface Humidity, Andrew Hill

Correlation of Calmodulin Susceptibility and Cardiac Arrhythmia Mutations, Amanda Hinde

An Educationally Relevant Investigation of Spaced Practice, Brittney Hjelmeland

Sophie Honeyman, Bradley University, 2018 Communication Analysis Event, Sophie Honeyman

Increasing Air Flow Velocity at Low-Mid RPMs in a Restricted Engine, Mitchell Hribar and Khansaa Myran

Greg Huber and Matt Friedhoff, Bradley University, 2018 Duo Interpretation Event, Greg Huber and Matt Friedhoff


Effective Characteristics of Rural English Learner Programs, Sarah Huseby

Sustainability in Art, Sarah Huttner


Bullying in Senior Living Facilities: Resident Perspectives, Kathryn Ira


Self-Disclosure, Gender, and Patient Satisfaction in the Doctor-Patient Relationship, Khadiza Tul Jannat


A Study of the Soft Skills that Contribute to the Success of Newly Graduated Business Students in the Workplace, Promeet Jaswant Singh

Validating the Instructional Hierarchy, Courtney Jensen and Stephanie Winter

Comparing and Contrasting Accredited School Psychology Programs, Megan Johnson

Native American Women in Media, Amber Jones

Subcellular Localization of FAM171B in Mouse Neurons, Brooke Jones


Brooke Jones Honors Portfolio, Brooke Taylor Jones

Effects of Fiber Percentage and Orientation on Fixtures Manufactured by Nylon-Carbon Fiber 3D Printing, Jacob Jones and Travis Goss

Antibiotic Resistant Escherichia coli (E. coli) in Minneopa Creek Collected During Two Storm Events in 2017, Melissa Jones and Caitlin Flynn


Across an Ecotone: An Analysis of Late Prehistoric Artifacts from Southern Minnesota, Jamison M. Jordan

Recovery and Coping: Evaluating the Role of Personal Resources in Police Communications Work, Patrick Josh, Alison Miotke, and Ana Jacome

Suchinder Kalyan, University of Texas at Austin, 2018 Impromptu Speaking Event, Suchinder Kalyan

Suchinder Kalyan, University of Texas at Austin, 2018 Informative Speaking Event,, Suchinder Kalyan

Air Kamal, Wiley College, 2018 Poetry Interpretation Event, Air Kamal

College Students' Perceptions of Sex Work and Sex Trafficking, Gretah Kangas and Sedona Kintz

Population Modeling for the Reintroduction of Mexican Gray Wolves as Predators to Decrease the Feral Hog Populations in the Southern United States (i.e. Texas), John Kauphusman


Population modeling for the reintroduction of Mexican gray wolves as predators to decrease the feral hog population in the Southern United States., John H. Kauphusman III

Mineralogical and Elemental Composition of Carbonaceous Meteorite Allende by Micro-Raman Spectroscopy and SEM/EDS, Rohil Kayastha


The Costume Design of Little Women the Musical, Emily Kimball

Expression of Follistatin-Like 1 (Fstl1) in the Cochlea: A Potential Deafness Gene, Eunwon Kim and Lauren Hesser


Race, Stigma, and the Politics of Black Girls Hair, Vanessa King


The Effects of a Cognitive Training Program for Cognitively Intact Older Adults, Caroline Kinskey

Academic and Non-Academic Stress of College Students Enrolled in Physical Activity Classes, Lauren Kizlik

Aaron Klein, University of Florida, 2018 Extemporaneous Speaking Event, Aaron Klein

Effect of Non-Nutritive Sweeteners (Artificial Sweeteners) and Nutritive Sweeteners on Fat Mass (FM) and Fat Free Mass (FFM) in Rats, Jill Knepprath


The McClelland Site (21GD258) and the Oneota Tradition in the Red Wing Region, Jasmine Koncur

The Language of Signage, Berry Kone

Evaluating Public Speaking Performance: A Quest to Discover an Empirically-Supported Public Speaking Task, Quincey Krein

YWCA - Ready to Learn Program Review and Data Analysis Project, Quincey Krein and Linh Hoang

The Impacts of UV-B Radiation and Litter Placement on the Microbe Community Structure of Typha angustifolia Detritus., Kaitlyn Kuehn

Sex Trafficking and Misleading Research: A Critical Analysis, Elliott Kunerth and Kelsi Pettit


The Criminalization of Poverty: The Impact of Cash Bail System on Black Women in New Orleans, Salome Kushindana

Impact of Recreational Activity Before Literacy Intervention with Elementary Students, Emily LaCasse and Meghan Gavin


The Vendor in a Retail Setting: A Survey, Jesse LaPorte


Gender Differences in Development Center Performance in a Healthcare Organization, Samuel Lawson


An Examination of Inattentional Blindness in Law Enforcement, Gregory Lee


Anxiety Reduction in Pregnancy Subsequent to Perinatal Loss, Jessica Lemker


Augmentation of Music, Kyle Lenzen


Assessing Historical Planform Channel Change in an Altered Watershed with Quantification of Error and Uncertainty Present in a GIS/Aerial Photography-based Analysis; Case Study: Minnesota River, Minnesota, USA., Devon Libby


The Sex/Gender Distinction in Contemporary Gender and Women's Studies Introductory Textbooks, Kyle Lighty

Comprehensive Modelling of the Microwave Plasma Biomass Gasification Process Utilizing the COMSOL Multi-Physics Platform, Benjamin Lindquist, Gustavo Lahoud, Tressa Marquardt, and Carl Hobus

Branden Lindsey, William Carey University, 2018 Program Oral Interpretation Event, Branden Lindsey


Operational Research: Multi-Period Stowage Policies Within a Multi-Zone Storage Framework., Joseph Loeffler


More than Cracking Backs: Exploring Patient-Careers in Chiropractic Care, Timothy J. Loney

Communicative Strategies: Usage and Factors Among People with Severe Aphasia, Jordyn Ludemann and Elayna Howton

Applying Tootling to Special Education, Jenna Macziewski


Patterns of Trematode Distribution from Hosts Collected at Lake Winnibigoshish, Minnesota, Scott Malotka


Creating the Role of O'Brien in 1984, Andoni Marinos

The Importance of Leader Confidence for Group Member Satisfaction, Natosha McClain

A Comparison of Mindfulness Techniques to Reduce Anxiety in a University Setting, Brennah McCorkell


What Happens Now? Coaching and Leading Following a Student-Athlete Death - A Phenomenological Study, Peter McGahey


Case Study: Hearing the Collective Student Voice in Online Courses, Caroline McGowan


Using the Health Belief Model to assess Undergraduate College Students Knowledge and Perceptions of Human Papillomavirus in Order to Better Understand Vaccine Intentions, Kelly McMahon