This is a collection of works authored by students at Minnesota State University, Mankato.


Events from 2018

Adelina Mitchell, George Mason University, 2018 After Dinner Speaking Event, Adelina Mitchell

Adelina Mitchell and Danielle Hahami, George Mason University, 2018 Duo Interpretation Event, Adelina Mitchell and Danielle Hahami


Car-less Cities, Maryam Moeinian


Moderate Resistance in "A Call for Unity": A Historical Perspective on Martin Luther King Jr.’s Prison Epistle, Noah D. Moore

Sam Moore, Western Kentucky University, 2018 Prose Interpretation Event, Sam Moore

Madison Morrissette, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2018 Extemporaneous Speaking Event, Madison Morrissette

Exploring How Recreation Impacts Behavior and Outcomes of Literacy Intervention, Madison Mueller and Mackenzie McCarthy

Vascular Morphology in Normotensive and Hypertensive Rat Eyes, Hannah Murphy and Keshari Sudasinghe


Modeling of Small-Scale Wind Power System with Virtual Synchronous Generator, Sahithi Nannapaneni

Lily Nellans, Western Kentucky University, 2018 Informative Speaking Event, Lily Nellens

Lily Nellens, Western Kentucky University, 2018 Impromptu Speaking Event, Lily Nellens

Brittany Neloms, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2018 Dramatic Interpretation Event, Brittany Neloms

The Effects of Foreign Trade on Real Wages: The Case of the United States and Canada, Matthew Nemitz


MISFITS, Hanna Newman


The Effects of Surface Albedo and Initial Lignin Concentration on Photodegradation of Sorghum Bicolor Litter, Joshua Niere

Personal Identity, Omoleso Ogunnowo


Omoleso Ogunnowo Honors Portfolio, Omoleso Ruth Ogunnowo


Assessment of Stress Related Issues and Coping Mechanisms among College Students, Emeka Okoro

Bromoxynil Octanoate Affect on Bacterium Acidovorax facilis, Erik Olson

Racial Microaggression and Discrimination: The Experiences of a Muslim African Female Immigrant, Ayan Omar

Dissecting the Role of Serum Growth Hormone in the Regulation of Brain Igf-1, Anjola Onadipe and Madison Onadipe

Abigail Onwunali, University of Texas at Austin, 2018 Dramatic Interpretation Event, Abigail Onwunali

Abigail Onwunali, University of Texas at Austin, 2018 Poetry Interpretation Event, Abigail Onwunali

Abigail Onwunali, University of Texas at Austin, 2018 Prose Interpretation Event, Abigail Onwunali


Predicting Invasive Carp Habitat Suitability in the Minnesota River, Minnesota, Melissa Oubre

Biofilm Activity in Methicillin-Resistant Coagulase Negative Staphylococci, Collin Palmer and Ofelio Zavala


Comparative Study of CV3 Carbonaceous Chondrites Allende and Bali Using Micro-Raman Spectroscopy and SEM/EDS, Raka Paul


Rape Culture in Disney Animated Princess Movies, Patricia Paulson


To Pass or Not to Pass? Constructing and Negotiating Biracial Identity, Anthony Peavy


Differences in the Perceptions of Gerotranscendence Between Certified Nursing Assistants and Older Adults, Amanda Perera


Inspection Process Flow Development for a Warehouse, Pahalawaththage Perera

Iconographic Influences on Russian Avant-Garde Art, Dasha Person


Gene Regulation in the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Gonadal Axis of the Green Anole Lizard (Anolis carolinensis)., Joshua N. Peters


The Confidence to Engage: Conflict Engagement Styles of Academic and Student Affairs Deans in a Large, Midwestern State College and University System, Aaron Peterson


Motivations, Expectations and Experiences of Genital Piercings in the Transgender Community: An Exploratory Study, Haley Peterson

Quantifying Cochlear Nerve Myelination in Mice Lacking Thyroid Hormone Transporters, Stephanie Peterson and Marissa Swenson


Chlamydia pneumoniae in Cardiovascular Diseases: Risk Factor or Incidental Finding?, Steven Piroso

Who is a Liar? Using Behavioral Cues to Detect Deception, Melissa Printup

A Visual Representation of the Stages of Tooth Development, Alysia Przybilla


Alysia Sue Przybilla Honors Portfolio, Alysia Sue Przybilla

Cyberbullying In Adolescents, Carleigh Pula

Genesis of the Magenta Zone, Northmet Copper-Nickel-PGE Deposit, Minnesota, William Qualls

Using Co-Immunoprecipitation to Assay Binding Between Vpx and APOBEC3A, Jacob Rachuy


L1 Use in L2 Writing: A Case of Multilingual Undergraduates in a Basic Writing Course, Lal Bahadur Rana

Spray Polyurethane Foam in Remodeling and New Construction, Brandon Ranum

Applying Tootling to Special Education, Jannine E. Ray

Kelseigh Redmon and Nykila Norman, William Carey University, 2018 Duo Interpretation Event, Kelseigh Redmon and Nykila Norman

Women and Goals in 2016 Hollywood Films, Lauren Reiman

Is Critical Thinking Critical, Joshua Rem

Arel Rende, University of Texas at Austin, 2018 Communication Analysis Event, Arel Rende

Arel Rende, University of Texas at Austin, 2018 Extemporaneous Speaking Event, Arel Rende

Michael Rizzo, Western Kentucky University, 2018 Informative Speaking Event, Michael Rizzo

Dynamic vs. Static Stretching on Vertical Jump Performance, Callie Rohlik

Chloe Romero, University of Nebraska Omaha, 2018 Prose Interpretation Event, Chloe Romero

Chloe Romero, University of Nebraska Omaha, Program Oral Interpretation Event, Chloe Romero


Empathy and Campus Sexual Assault (CSA) Communication: Protecting the Wellbeing and Social Equity of College Women, Kathleen Romero

Can One Multi-cultural Course Impact Inter-cultural Competency?, Amanda Rousemiller and David Edwards

Der Alte Fritz: Rendition of a Prussian King in Contemporary German Society, Alyssa Roushar

Scaffold Manufacturing by 3D Printing: Cobalt Chrome - Hydroxyapatite Biocomposite, John Ruprecht

A Culture of Memorialization: Examining Public Grief Through Funeral Programs, Bethany Rykhus


A Culture of Memorialization: Examining Public Grief Through Funeral Programs, Bethany R. Rykhus

The Effects of Diet on Resource Value in Invasive Pholcus manueli, Alexander Salazar


Modeling Pre-Settlement Wetlands in Northern Minnesota, Johnathon T. Salfer


Determination of the SIVmac Vif-Human APOBEC3B Interaction, Oumar Sanogo

An Autoethnographic Exploration into the Experience of a Low-Income Student in an Institute of Higher Learning, Shelbi Schadendorf


Somebody Has to Pay Rent: The Critical Autoethnography of a Low Income Student, Shelbi M. Schadendorf

Using Site Directed Mutagenesis to Describe the SIV Vif Interaction with APOBEC3, Katie Schleper

Assessing the Role of UV-B Radiation and Litter Position on UV-Absorbing, Bulk-Soluble Phenylpropanoid Concentrations in Typha angustifolia, Samuel Schmid


Cemetery Management in a GIS Framework: A Case Study of Woodland Hills Memorial Park, Maureen Schmidt

Assessment of Clearing Methods for Confocal Microscopy of Eye Tissue, Casey Schneider and Caylin Steinberg


College Males' Attitudes Toward Sexually-Explicit Material: An Experimental Study, Cody Schulte


Fruitcake, Joshua Schutz

Nuclear Power: The Solution to the Energy Crisis, Kafile Kaab Shamoon


Cultural Competency for Native Women at Southern Minnesotan Anti-Violence Advocacy Programs, Alissa Shape


The Harsh Reality: A Feminist Perspective on the Experiences of Women Coaching Male Athletes, Emilee Shearer


Intimate Partner Violence: A Systematic Literature Review, Shailynn Shipley

Improving Idea Selection in Brainstorming Using GLOMO, Paige Shoutz


Home Is Where the Morphine Is, Morgan Sierra

Knowledge & Perceptions of ASD, Courtney Sill, Krystal Klicka, Devon Charlier, and Sydney Orr

Qualitative Analysis of the Volatile Organic Components in Beer by Gas Chromatography Mass Spectroscopy and Solid Phase Micro Extraction, Randall Simonson


Understanding Complex Late and Terminal Woodland Sites in the Red Wing, Minnesota, Area, Jaclyn Ann Skinner

Warrior or Guardian? - Training in German Law Enforcement, Jonathan Smith

How do Changes in Inter-Cultural Competency (ICC) Compare Among Pre-Service Teachers at Three Data Collection Points?, Tori Smith and Chandler Gooding

Dani Soibelman, University of Texas at Austin, 2018 Impromptu Speaking Event, Dani Soibelman


Deepening Divisions: The Influence of Protestant Faith in Civil War Reconciliation, Jeremy Solomon


Mara Soupir Honors Portfolio, Mara Kaitlyn-Rae Soupir


Inclusive Writing in Video Game Documentation: A Technical Communication Approach, Samantha N. Sousa

Student Perceptions of an Interprofessional Collaboration in an Experiential Learning Setting, Briana Spicer

Carly Spotts-Falzone, Hastings College, 2018 Prose Interpretation Event, Carly Spotts-Falzone

Logan Stacer, Kansas State, 2018 Communication Analysis Event, Logan Stacer

Logan Stacer, Kansas State, 2018 Informative Speaking Event, Logan Stacer

Logan Stacer, Kansas State, 2018 Poetry Interpretation Event, Logan Stacer

Not Your Everyday Glaze, Elizabeth Stensland

Seis Steves, University of Texas at Austin, 2018 After Dinner Speaking Event, Seis Steves

McLean Stewart, University of Alabama, 2018 Extemporaneous Speaking Event, McLean Stewart


Compositional and Topographical Characterization of Carbonaceous Chondritic Meteorites Moss and Murray Using micro-Raman Spectroscopy and SEM/EDS, Aaron Stokke

Alekhya Tallapaka, George Mason University, 2018 Persuasive Speaking Event, Alekhya Tallapaka


Final Internship Report: GIS Research and Analysis at the Center for Homicide Research, Paul Jeffrey Tatting

Fargo Tbakhi, Arizona State University, 2018 Persuasive Speaking Event, Fargo Tbakhi

Fargo Tbakhi, Arizona State University, 2018 Prose Interpretation Event, Fargo Tbakhi