This is a collection of works authored by students at Minnesota State University, Mankato.


Theses/Dissertations from 2019


A Needs Assessment: The Barriers Preventing Students at a Large Midwestern University from Accessing the Dental Clinic on Campus for Preventative Care, Pamela Briese


Incentive-Use in Worksite Wellness Programs in MN Government Agencies, Sandra Bromley


Cyberbullying Prevention and Intervention: Perspectives of School Psychologists and School Counselors, Rachel E. Burlet


Program Review of Naloxone Training Within the Wisconsin Department of Corrections’ Community Corrections Division, Chelsea Calhoon


Developing Intercultural Competency among Undergraduate Students in the College of Allied Health and Nursing, Linnea Carlyle and Sarah Hagar

The Impact of an Introduction to Social Work Class on the Cultural Competency of Undergraduate Students in the College of Social and Behavioral Science at Minnesota State University, Mankato, Linnea Carlyle, Sarah Hagar, and Nicole Stalcar

Riley Carroll, Illinois State University, 2019 Program Oral Interpretation Event, Riley Carroll

Danielle Castillo, University of Texas at Austin, 2019 Dramatic Interpretation Event, Danielle Castillo


Macromorphological and Microscopic Effects of Temperature in a Controlled Environment on the Process of Decomposition in Bone, A. Marie Cato

Environmental Degradation and Economic Growth: Testing Environmental Kuznets Curve in ASEAN countries, Zhen Yang Chng


Environmental Degradation and Economics Growth: Testing the Environmental Kuznets Curve Hypothesis (EKC) in Six ASEAN Countries, Zhen Yang (Rex) Chng

The Challenges in the Cultural Adjustment Process Among International Students at Minnesota State University, Mankato, Esther Cho


Engagement and STEM Degree Completion: An Analysis of the Relationship Between Time-To-Completion and Engagement and Pre-College Variables, Karina (Harstad) Clennon

Derek Collins, Western Kentucky University, 2019 Communication Analysis Event, Derek Collins

Derek Collins, Western Kentucky University, Informative Speaking Event, Derek Collins


Holy Alliance? Navigating Evangelical Political Identity in the Era of Donald Trump, Anthony Comer

Justin Cooper, Northwestern University, 2019 Extemporaneous Speaking Event, Justin Cooper

Manufacturing, from Operator Motion to Automation, Nicholas Cotton

Sarah Courville, University of Texas at Austin, 2019 Dramatic Interpretation Event, Sarah Courville

Sexual Health Knowledge and Education Assessment Among University Students, Arliah Cox


The Importance of Including Interactive Immersive Technology in Instructional Design to Enhance Learner and User Experience, Shawneda Crout


Aspen Curtis Honors Portfolio, Aspen Ryan Curtis

Lie Detection in Interviews, Danielle Curtis

Bethany Dain, Illinois State University, 2019 Impromptu Speaking Event, Bethany Dain

The Effects of Hexavalent Chromium on Dictyostelium Chemotaxis and Proteome, Hanix Daniel

Macy Davis, Kansas State IE, 2019 Impromptu Speaking Event, Macy Davis

Impact of Chorus Experiences on Individuals Living with Alzheimer's Disease and other Dementias and Their Care Partners, Samantha Davis and Kalley Hoffmann

Examination of the Social Response Reversal Circuit in the Domestic Dog, Samantha Davis and Joe Zrucky

The Study of Exercise Duration on Rate and Accuracy of Reading in Children with Disabilities, Courtney DeBettignies and Caitlin Barr

Audio and Visual in a Modern Form of Concert Music, Ryan Devens

Who the "Real" Victims Are: College Students' Perceptions on the Cause of Sexual Assault and Rape, Alexandria Dobson


Mackenzie Dockendorf Honors Portfolio, Mackenzie Lee Dockendorf


Ibelizet Dominguez Honors Portfolio, Ibelizet Dominguez

Controversial Truths? Investigating if Need for Cognition Influences Changing Your Mind about Contentious, But Factual Knowledge, Ibelizet Dominguez and Ali Barijis

Nathan Dowell, Kansas State IE, 2019 Impromptu Speaking Event, Nathan Dowell

Cassie Edlund, Bradley University, 2019 Poetry Interpretation Event, Cassie Edlund

Colocalization of FAM171B, CAMKIID, and MPP3 Using Co-Immunofluorescence, Dilibe Ekowa

Parents Perspectives on Preschool Children's Play, Sadie Elsenpeter, Peyton Stutelberg, Alyssa Watkins, Monica Muth, and Hannah Johnson

2019 EUTV Electric Generator, Timothy Farrell and Owen Parker

Modernizing Ceramics, Dylan Fitzgibbons


Spinning Charlotte's Web: Resident Perceptions and Neutralizations of a Slaughterhouse Town, Ashley L. Flaherty


Death: A Qualitative Content Analysis of Counseling Journals, 1986–2016, Aaron Suomala Folkerds


Annual and Seasonal Measurements of Home Ranges and Habitat Use by Female Elk (Cervus elaphus) in Northwestern Minnesota, Alicia E. Freeman


Assessing Facilitator Adherence for the Delivery of Cognitive Training Programs to Older Adults, Lydia Fry

Melissa Fuentes, Bradley University, 2019 Extemporaneous Speaking Event, Melissa Fuentes

Brenna Fuhr, Bradley University, 2019 Impromptu Speaking Event, Brenna Fuhr


Kylie Gaeth Honors Portfolio, Kylie Christine Gaeth


Study of American Wood Pellet Stove Emissions, Sergio Gamarra

Longitudinal Case Study of Literacy Outcomes for Two Elementary Aged Children, Emily Ganley

Aquaponics Demonstration Project Using MN Hybrid Bluegills (Fish), Sara Garcia and Caitlin Murphy


The Pre-Roche Lobe Overflow Evolution of Massive Close Binary Stars: A Study of Rotation, Wind Enhanced Mass-Loss, and the Bi-Stability Jump, Thomas C. Gehrman Jr.

Piloting the Cognitive Training Program LEARN for College Student Success, Madison Glende and Dorothy Nakibirige


Managing Variability in Assembly Lines, Sumanth Gokapai


The Effects of Heat-Killed Echinostomatid Parasites on Mice Treated with Dextran Sodium Sulfate (DSS), Natalie Gooder

Recycled Light, Katie Grambart

Ameres Groves, University of Nebraska Omaha, 2019 Program Oral Interpretation Event, Ameres Groves

Gender Impact on Lie Detection in Job Interviews, Anna Hagan and Sahamini Abeykoon


Anna Hagan Honors Portfolio, Anna Marie Hagan

Qualitative Comparison of Headspace Analysis and Solid Phase Microextraction Techniques, Allyssa Hagen

Exploring How Recreation Impacts Behavior and Outcomes of Literacy Intervention, Kira Haglin

The Fear of Falling and Restriction of Activity in Older Adults, Maddison Hajek and Katie Garvey


Certified Nursing Assistant Turnover & Impacts on Rural Skilled Nursing Facilities A Qualitative Study & Recommendations for Practitioners, Marisa E. Hansen

Analysis of the Lost Chance vs No Chance Theses: Accommodation and Communication, Nathan Harnit

Mapping Informal Settlements of Syrian Refugees in Aarsal, Lebanon, Ameen Hassan

Connective Tissue Infiltration into Three-Dimensional Sintered Cobalt Chrome Alloy, Bethany Haus and Eryn Zuiker

MicroRNA Regulation of the HIV Restricting Human APOBEC3 Enzymes, Hunter Herber, Madeleine Kennedy, and Joelle Anderson


Lauren Hesser Honors Portfolio, Lauren Marie Hesser


What Works and What Doesn't: An Analysis of Brand Engagment on Facebook, Laurie Hiebert


Linh Hoang Honors Portfolio, Linh Nguyen Lynn Hoang

Psychosocial Status and Learning Experiences in College Students with Traumatic Brain Injury, Bridget Hoban, Koryn Greskowia, and Emma Gale

High School Sport Injury Influence on Current Physical Activity and Physical Activity Motivation, Tyler Hobson, Bailey Hofmeister, Jessica Weiderman, and Krista Gadient

The Application of Augmented Reality in a Manufacturing Setting Using Microsoft's HoloLens, Carl Hobus, Tres Wuerffel, Connor Johnson, and Jason Lambert


Madison Hoffman Honors Portfolio, Madison Marie Hoffman

Shear Panel 1020 Steel FSAE Tube Chassis, Connor Hudalla and Thomas Alt

Becca Human, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2019 Extemporaneous Speaking Event, Becca Human

Becca Human, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2019 Impromptu Speaking Event, Becca Human

Motorized Garden Scooter, Afton Huss, Mickayla Heiling, and Macenzie Hays

Effects of LQTS Mutations on Calmodulin Oxidation and Interaction with the Cardiac Ryanodine Receptor, Imad Isehak

Interpreting Emotional Intent in Text Messages, Erik Jacobson, Samantha Bennett, Monica Nelson, and Johnathan Pintar

An Exploratory Study of Critical Thinking in the Workplace, Erik Jacobson and Emily Stark

Effects of Maladaptive Interpersonal Schemas on College Students' Performance, Katlyn Jaeger, Bianca Alvarez, Ibelizet Dominguez, McKenzie Specht, and Linda Zheng

Developing Intercultural Competency Among Students in the College of Allied Health and Nursing Students, Lydia Jagodzinkski and Rebecca Engeswick


Dylan Jech Honors Portfolio, Dylan Walter Jech


Evaluation of a Cognitive Training Program and its Effects on Healthy Older Adults, Nathan Jensen

Comparing Two Stress Reducing Interventions for College Students Significance of the Research Project, Madison Jewell

Visualization of the Rearrangement of Cell-Cell junctions in Metastatic Cells, Taylor Johnson

Trijae Johnson, Bradley University, 2019 Program Oral Interpretation Event, Trijae Johnson

Effect of Disease Mutants in Calmodulin on Oxidation, Binding and Degradation, Jordan Julian


A Statistical Analysis and Machine Learning of Genomic Data, Jongyun Jung


The Relationship Between Seasonal Breeding and Deiodinase Expression in the Green Anole Lizard, Hyejoo Kang

Effect of Arachidonic Acid on Myosin II Function, Trishala Karmacharya


Effects of Psychological Need Satisfaction on Proactive Work Behaviors, Shota Kawasaki

Comparative Study of Carbonaceous Meteorites Using Micro-Raman Spectroscopy and SEM/EDS, Rohil Kayastha

Study the Causes of Sleep Deprivation Among MNSU Students, Prerana Khatri KC and Barsha Lamichhane

The Effect of LH/FSH Injections on Steroid Hormone Production and Aggressive Behavior in Green Anole Lizards, Taylor Kenealy


Positive and Negative Effects of Social Media on Adolescent Well-Being., Katie Kennedy


Sedona Kintz Honors Portfolio, Sedona Nicole Kintz


Perceived Barriers of Homeschooled Students Moving into Higher Education: Case Stories and Qualitative Perspectives, Lizbeth Kliewer

Defining "Above-And-Beyond" School Behavior, Sidney Knapper and Breana Stang


Teaching Writing: Genre Lessons for Teaching Writing in the Homeschool High School Classroom and Beyond, Teagan R. Knoblich