This is a collection of works authored by students at Minnesota State University, Mankato.


Theses/Dissertations from 2019


The Effects of Elderspeak on the Mood of Older Adults with Dementia: A Preliminary Report, Kenia Torres-Soto

Emily Trader, Bradley University, 2019 Persuasive Speaking Event, Emily Trader


“Writing is hard, but I think I like it”: Identity (Re)Construction of Female Refugee and Immigrant Adult Language Learners in the US., Svenja Trommler


Working Conditions for Erotic Dancers: A Review of Health and Safety Concerns from a Minneapolis Based Needs Assessment, Alexander Twohy


Alicia Utecht Honors Portfolio, Alicia Marie Utecht


Rachel Uwimbabazi Honors Portfolio, Rachel Uwimbabazi


Mimbres Painted Pottery: Art, Artifact, or Ancestor? Conversations Concerning Repatriation, Treatment, and Considerations for Contested Collections in Museums, Rachel Vang

Cultural Competency as a Way of Doing Business, Alejandro Reyes Vega and Sheng Vang

Defining Sex Trafficking: A Systematic Review of the Psychological Literature in the United States, Tasia Virnala and Raina Kor


Effect of Process-Oriented Guided-Inquiry Learning (POGIL) on Preservice Elementary Teachers' Understanding of Biological Classification, Mackenzie Volz

The Influence of Social Media on College Students, Sarah Wall and Emily Schiltz

Preservation of Decomposable Materials, Brittney Wegener


The Scenic Design of Bye Bye Birdie, Erin Wegleitner


Burnout Levels of Teachers Within a Selected School District in Minnesota, Adam Whirley


Demography, Risk, and Power: An Examination of the Deceased Patient Population at the Hastings State Hospital, 1900-1978, Dawn T. Whitney

Law Enforcement Students Preconceived Estimations on False Reporting Sexual Assault & Rape Myths, Avery Whooley


Avery Whooley Honors Portfolio, Avery Marie Mercier Whooley

Rickey Williams, Western Kentucky University, 2019 Poetry Interpretation Event, Rickey Williams

Brianna Willis, Northwestern University, 2019 Informative Speaking Event, Brianna Willis


Madison Wittenburg Honors Portfolio, Madison Mackenzie Wittenburg

Forced Migration: A Syrian Exodus to Germany, Taylor Witt


Forced Migration: A Syrian Exodus to Germany, Taylor Witt

Synthesis Gas Engine Efficiency Optimization, Frederick Wlizlo, Ryan Hammerquist, Erick Estrada, and Daniel Stroberger

Using Fluorescence Spectroscopy to Predict Photochemical Production of Reactive Intermediates in Minnesota Surface Waters, Zoe Wright


Optimization of Energy Harvesting Mobile Nodes Within Scalable Converter System Based on Reinforcement Learning, Chengtao Xu


Racial Microaggressions and Alienation Among Hmong American College Students, Bruce Yang

Mycobacteriumaviunm subsp.paratuburculosis Dormancy Detection Through Spectrophotometric Analysis, Mai-Ka-Ying Yang


Application of Droop Control and Synchronization for Single-Phase Inverters in AC Microgrid Integration, Shuai Yang

The Relationship Between Interpersonal Relationships and Overall Well-Being, Liya Yemiru

Evaluating Adduct Formation Between 5'-Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) and DNA in the Presence of Arginine, Diamond Yusuf


Tracing Life Histories Through Biological Manifestations in a 19th-20th Century Midwestern Poor Farm: Asymmetry, Robusticity, and Adaptive Response at the Milwaukee Poor Farm, Samantha Zahn-Hiepler

Targeting Proteoglycans in Glioblastoma with TriplatinNC Using Newly Synthesized CRISPR Knockout Cells., Tehut Zewdu

Performance Oriented Airflow of an Internal Combustion Engine, Steven Zimmerman and Andrew Straka

Events from 2018

Comparison of Media for Intermediate-term Storage of Brewer's Yeast, Naomi Abraham


Claire Achen Honors Portfolio, Claire Emmaline Achen

Persons with Recently Diagnosed Alzheimer's Disease: An Exploration Comparing Quality of Life Indicators Across Three Time Points, Stirling Adrian and Aspen Curtis

Diversity and Amalgamation of Indian Subcontinent Through Wall Throw Clay Art : A Cultural Perspective, Shveta Agarwal


Robust Power Interface for Smart Grid with Renewable Energy Source-to-Grid Functionality, BoHyun Ahn

Small Signal Model Averaging of Bi-Directional Converter, BoHyun Ahn

Curriculum Research in a Private Studio Setting: A Search for Inclusivity when Teaching Dance, Katherine Albers

Determining Secondary Structure Relation to Singlet Oxygen Reaction Rates with Eye Lens Protective Proteins α-Crystallin, β-Crystallin, and γ-Crystallin, Cody Allen

Cimmi Alverez, University of Texas at Austin, 2018 Persuasive Speaking Event, Cimmi Alverez

Andrea Ambam, Western Kentucky University, 2018 After Dinner Speaking Event, Andrea Ambam

Andrea Ambam, Western Kentucky University, 2018 Communication Analysis Event, Andrea Ambam

Andrea Ambam, Western Kentucky University, 2018 Prose Interpretation Event, Andrea Ambam


A Macromorphological Analysis of End Scrapers from Sites Associated with Two Phases of the Oneota Tradition, the Blue Earth and Spring Creek, in Southern Minnesota, Joshua Bradley Anderson

Bored Millennials: How Do Young Adults View Leisure Time and Play, Leah Anderson, Tess Leland, Emily Schoeller, Allison Anderson, and Kayla Anderson


Underlying Morality in Schneewittchen: A Fairy Tale for Adults, Maria Ardanova

Underlying Morality in Snow White: a Fairy Tale for Adults, Maria Ardanova

Starting Level of Inter-Cultural Competency Among Undergraduates, Jonathon Arndt and Sean O'Rourke

Politics, Personality, and Poor Decision-Making? Assessing Psychological Variables' Impact on Changing False Knowledge, Steven Arriaza, Sungjin Kim, and Isabella Cock-Villafane

Jordan Auzenne, University of Texas at Austin, 2018 Communication Analysis Event, Jordan Auzenne


Psychosocial Interventions for Individuals With Infertility, Margaret Bach

Solar Windows, Logan Back


Working Mothers: The Relationship Between Intensive Mothering and Work-Family Conflict, Casey E. Baker

Effect of Estrogen on Brain Development in the Green Anole Lizard (Anolis carolinensis), Erin Baker

African American History Presented in Monuments and Museums from Select Cities in Southern United States, Sara Baranczyk

Identification of Proteins Interacting with the Alpha Subunits of Actin Capping Protein, Ryan Bennett

Investigating Shading as a Viable Control Method for I. pseudacorus Seed Establishment, Brandon Bentley

Blake Burgeron, University of Texas at Austin, 2018 After Dinner Speaking Event, Blake Bergeron


Evaluation of a Cognitive Training Program for Older Adults with Mild to Moderate Cognitive Decline, Kelly Bergstrom

Photosensitizer Induced Oxidation of Protein via Common Sunscreen Ingredients, Zachary Berkebile


American Nursing Students' Immersion Experience in Ghana: A Qualitative Study, Srijana Bhandari

Electric Utility Vehicle, Samuel Biljan and Issac Leonard

Mackenzie Birkey, Western Kentucky University, 2018 After Dinner Speaking Event, Mackenzie Birkey


Enterprise Content Management in Technical Communication, Kristen Bledsoe-Fritz

Andrew Boge, Hastings College, 2018 Persuasive Speaking Event, Andrew Boge

Jaylon Bolden and Hailey Byerly, Wiley College, 2018 Duo Interpretation Event, Jaylon Bolden and Hailey Byerly


Profile in Scale, Jason Boldt


How Graduate Experience Changes Beliefs in Working with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Populations: A Survey Study, Stephanie Bove

Sarah Brashear, Bradley University, 2018 After Dinner Speaking Event, Sarah Brashear

Sarah Brashear, Bradley University, 2018 Dramatic Interpretation Event, Sarah Brashear


Racial Identities on Social Media: Projecting Racial Identities on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Nolan Brinkman

Impact of Service Learning on Inter-Cultural Competence of Pre-Service Teachers, Yuseina Brito Lino and Andrea Faye Aguila

A Study of Decomposition Based on Body Wrappings in Cold Climates, Shannon Bruce


Comparative Analysis of Low Molecular Weight Fraction of Conditioned Media Derived from Starvation-Dormant and Anaerobically-Dormant Mycobacterium Avium Subsp. Paratuberculosis, Marina Buciuc

Content Analysis of Gender Stereotypes in Video Games, Sarah Cain

Emma Capianelli, University of Alabama, 2018 Persuasive Speaking Event, Emma Capianelli


Beyond Audience Analysis: Conceptualizing Empathy for Technical Communication, Bernadette L. Cash


Optimism and Compliance: An Examination of Disempowering Processes Within Online Patient Communities, Wendi F. Coleman

Linking Above and Below Ground Allometric Growth Patterns in Oak Species, Grant Conner

Obesity is the Symptom of a Much Greater Social Malaise, Derrick Connor, Larissa Chapman, Nancy Christianson, and Courtney Fruchey

Justin Cooper, Northwestern University, 2018 Extemporaneous Speaking Event, Justin Cooper

Regan Coppel, George Mason University, 2018 Impromptu Speaking Event, Regan Coppel

Are We scaffolding? Using Teams for Problem-Based Learning in Child Development and Family Studies, Arliah Cox, Tess Leland, Micah Link, Geneva Kachinske, and Timnit Yikealo


Alton Sterling, My Dad, and Me: an Autoethnographic Exploration of Race Based Trauma, Balencia Crosby

Bethany Dain, Illinois State University, 2018 Impromptu Speaking Event, Bethany Dain

Lyric Davis and Andrea Ambam, Western Kentucky University, 2018 Duo Interpretation Event, Lyric Davis and Andrea Ambam


Work-Related Values, Preferences, and Expectations of Millennials: Implications for Long-Term Care Administrators, Cheryl K. Derynck

Sean Diaz, Western Kentucky University, 2018 Program Oral Interpretation Event, Sean Diaz

Semantic Diversity: Differences Between Narrative and Expository Language Sample Tasks, Tiana Dixon

Assessing Current Supports for LGBTQ+ Students in Rural and Semi-Rural Schools in Central and Southern Minnesota, Alexandria Dobson

Nathan Dowell, Kansas State, 2018 Extemporaneous Speaking Event, Nathan Dowell

Jalen Drummond, University of Alabama, 2018 Communication Analysis Event, Jalen Drummond


Omele Edeh Honors Portfolio, Omele Victoria Edeh

Lie Detection in Employment, Jessica Eul and John Walker


My Truth, My Telling: Experiences of Black Women Principals in a Poetry-themed Workshop on Race and Gender, Antonia Felix

Paper Insulation (Cellulose), Brock Fobbe

The Effect of Exercise on Neurogenesis and BDNF Levels in the Green Anole Lizard Brain, Caitlin Foley

Formula SAE Electric Powertrain, Samuel Ford, Storm Lenz, Mitch Boike, and Wichai Yang